My Brother's Best Friend [BoyxBoy] HBT Book 1


MissCris: I hope you guys like my little teaser...


I Fell For His Brother?!



Finding out your brother and best friend are gay is weird, knowing that they like each other is even weirder.

Realizing you might be the same is a slap to the face.

Justin says he doesn't know how it happened, something I never understood until now.

Now, I have to find a way to explain to my best friend that I think I fell for his brother!

Who's gone to war.

My life is so messed up!


Sneak Peak:

~Noah's POV~

I know that I should tell Isaac, especially since he wasn't secretive about his feelings for Justin, but how to go about it is the problem. I can't blurt it out, but if I start trying to expain I know I'll babble.

Maybe I should just let it out and then try to explain? Actually, that sounds like a really good idea. I look over at Justin and nod my head.

Turning to Isaac I say, "Hey man, can we talk?"

He looks over at me, "I was wondering when this was going to happen."


"Well, there's obviously something wrong. You've been acting weird for the past month. What's going on Noah?"

I take a deep steadying breath, "Do you remember how you started feeling for Justin on our trip to VA Beach?"

He nods.

"You kissed him."

"Yeah, and you left a bruise over half my face."

I smile tensely, "What would you say if I said I feel like that for another guy too? That I like him more than a friend?"

One of Isaac's eyebrows shoots up, "Are you trying to tell me you're gay?"

I squirm and look away, "I think so, I'm not sure."

"What do you mean you're not sure? Why are you even considering it?"

"I kissed someone."

"WHAT?! Who? Why didn't you tell me? I thought I was your best friend!"

"You are my best friend but I couldn't tell you."

Isaac's mouth forms a frown at the look on my face, "Who was it Noah?"

I drop my eyes to the floor, "Stephan." I mummble


"Stephan." I say in a clear voice.

I don't have time to react before Isaac is coming at me.



A/N: I know a lot of you would have liked to see a scene with both Noah and Stephan but you have to understand, as it says in the description ,Stephan's gone (for the first couple of chapters anyway ;P)



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Adam G. Sevanias Justin Hughes
Michael Trevinoas Noah Hughes
Chord Overstreetas Isaac Benson
Alex Pettyferas Stephan Benson
Mario Lopezas Edward Torres
Erin Sandersas Katherine Reed
Emma Robertsas Jacelynn Joe (JJ) Berette
Jennette McCurdyas Nancy Hayman
Channing Tatumas Malcolm Sheen

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