Lollipop Girl+New Guy=Even Control?


I saw a boy, with light brown hair, roughly push a, black haired and bright green eyed, girl against the lockers. The girl whimpered and clutched her books tightly to her chest. The boy grabs her face and brings it close to him.

"Are you done ignoring me? Are you going to start listening to me?" he said kissing her roughly, without love or any kind of emotion only just to kiss her, "Or are you going to keep on running away like a big baby?"

The girl had tears going down her face and she looked everywhere but at him. She saw me, and her eyes begged help.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you, Macy!" he yelled in her face. She jumped at his out burst.

I walked up to him and rip him off the girl who's name was Macy. "That's no way to treat a girl!" I snapped in his face.

He turned to look at me hatred and anger in his eyes. He grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the lockers. My head hit the combination lock and made my vision blurry for a second. The guy came close to my face.

"Don't tell me how to treat a girl,” he growled his hot breath in my face.

My head felt like it was spinning round and round, the blurriness came back, and I was completely blind and def. Then suddenly I felt something change in my head, like something coming screwed in or something coming lose. I gasped and couldn't get air into my lungs. I heard muffled voices and blurs moving around. I fell to the ground and gasped, getting air into my lungs.

My vision and hearing rushed back to me. When I blinked the shock away, I saw Macy on the floor down the hall with her stuff scarred around the hall, and the light brown haired guy was walking my way again.

I got angry.

"Stop" I commanded and glared at him. I felt my eyes change and the guy stopped. His angered disappeared; he now looked dazed and blank. "Get out of my face and never come near me or her,” I said. He did and walked away.

I got up, a wave of dizziness washed over me and I almost fell back to the floor. I heard a groan and remembered the girl. I shook my head and ran towards her.

"What happened before I…I fainted?" I asked her as I helped her up.

"I-I got on top of him to get him off of you" she said and winced. She grabbed the back of her head. "Thanks back there, I thought he was going to rape me,” she nervously laughed then winced again.

"No girl should be treated like that anyway, oh and by the way I'm Athena" I smiled holding out my hand. She took it and smiled to.

"Macy, but I think you already knew that" she said and winced again.

"Let's go get our heads checked out, we got hit pretty hard,” I said and we walked to the nurses’ office.

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