Sara Oonk


You're the one that makes me feel strong
You're the girl that loves me like the world 
You're the lock that never stops
You're the girl that truly rocks


Yes you're my girl, yes you rule my world


And all I wanted her to know
that I do anything to show
That I love her, that I can't stop her
She beats my heart  


I see the choices that I have to make 
I hear these voices calling out your name
Hearing them ring, hearing you sing
Beats my heart untill I die with you by my side


Like I've always said I'll love you till the end
without any regret spend 


I have to go but tonight we'll see what happens to me
And who stands strong who was wrong 
Knowing it will last forever, Knowing your name even better


That's you, That's the girl I love that is the one who beats my heart
You've fallen from heaven and cured me from hell


Love goes so far it leaves alot of scars
But still I'll keep you with me until the end approaches
Until our love encroaches

Tonight love will be the winner
Tonight I'll be a dirty sinner

This is for you Sara 
this is my Proof to show that I know this will never stop
this will not end this is my shot 
You'll always command my heart to stay




13-3-2012 Your lovely boy 











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