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All I Wanted *On Hold*

Dedicated to

Song of the day: Liar Liar by Christina Grimmie.

dedicated to my friend DarkMystico, for being an awesome friend and it was her birthday yesterday.

The song has nothing to do with the chapter, i just like the song.

Sorry, guys. This is another filler chapter, but I really wanted to get another chapter up this week to make up for not uploading these past few weeks. Plus, I had no homework! thats really rare for me. Some, well quite a bit, of excitement will be in the next chapter. Anyway, heres the next chapter. Alexis' POV, as usual. The font may be different, im not sure, it shows up different here but im not sure what will happen when i actually save it. Not edited, i will send it off for editing now but i wanted to get it up and im pretty sure that my editors busy, as i havent got my past chapter back yet. And im no good, and too lazy, at editing it myself. Oh, yeah, has anyone noticed my change in username? I definitely like this one better! Enjoy!



 The rest of the class passed by in a blur. Before I knew it, the bell had rung and I was walking to Art.

“Hey Alexis wait up!”  I heard a voice call. I turned around to see who was calling and saw Claire.

“Oh, hey Claire.” And then I noticed her annoyed expression. Oops. I must have rushed off and left her behind. “Sorry. My mind was somewhere else.” My excuses are really lame. I need to work on that.

“Its ok. So what do you have next?” She asked, going back to her normal, cheery self. That was something I noticed quickly about her. She was a very happy, positive, upbeat, sort of person.

“Art. And after that advanced lit. You?” I replied, happy that she wasn’t mad.

“Oh Cool! I Have German next but then I have advanced lit. as well. I’ll see you then?” She said, grinning, before turning into a classroom on my left. As she left, the bell rang signaling the start of second period.

“Shoot” I murmured to myself, quickening my pace to get to art class quicker.

When I entered the art room, all eyes were on me. Lucky for me, the teacher didn’t comment on my lateness, nor did he make me introduce myself to the class. He merely told me to take a seat. Looking around the class, the desks were arranged in a sort of semicircle, horseshoe, shape. The only free seat was next to a girl with raven black hair and silver rimmed glasses. I couldn’t see her eyes because she had her head down, writing something in a notepad. She was on the other side of the room from Mason and Fern. I could see that Fern was shooting me an apologetic look. I slowly made me way towards the back of the classroom, towards the girl. I dragged my chair out and sat down, then turned to the girl.

“Hey, I’m Alexis, but you probably already know that.” I said to her. She turned her head to me, revealing a shocked expression, but she quickly composed herself.

“Yeah, no need to introduce yourself here, everybody already knows.” She joked. “I’m Isabel Masters, but everyone calls me Izzy.” She then closed the notepad and turned her attention to the teacher. I too, then turned my attention to the teacher.


Just before the lesson finished, I felt someone’s gaze on me from across the room. I turned to see Mason staring at me with those startling blue eyes of his. When he noticed that I had noticed him staring, a sheepish grin appeared on his face. Right then, the bell decided to ring. Damn It! Does someone have something against the two of us? Even after the bell rang we continued to stare at each other. I heard someone clear their throat, catching both Mason and Is attention, both of us turning our attention to the source of the noise.

“Are you two going to continue staring at each other all day, or are you actually going to get to your next lesson?” Izzy asked, raising an eyebrow, an amused expression on her face.

“Right.” I said, flushing red. A quick scan of the room revealed that the room was empty except for Mason, Izzy, A boy I didn’t know, and I. I’m guessing that the boy was Masons friend, as he was standing behind him, also looking amused. “Lets go.” I continued. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Masons expression change to disappointment, just for a split second, then what seemed to his trademark smirk. I stood up and gathered my books, shoving them in my bag. Today was merely a theory lesson.

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Isabelle Fuhrmanas Alexis Greene
Chord Overstreetas Mason Shadows
Bonnie Wrightas Fern Sloski
Candice Accolaas Claire Shadows
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