I 'Lust' Never Love


Lol Ya'll are prob hating me!!

Since the kids are magical and werewolf they will appear older than they are because thier bodies mature faster

Alexandria POV (Remember shes only like 2)

"Rowal" I whispered in the darkness and tiptoed to my brothers bed. He groaned and smacked my hand away.

"Go to sweep" Royal replied and pulled his covers over his head. Another pierced scream echoed through the air making us both jump. Royal jumped to his feet and grabbed me close.

"Rowal what was that" I asked but he didnt answer as we walked out if he room and down the stairs. The front door was open and we could see mommy in her undies crying over someones mangled body. Royal ran to mommy with me close behind.

"Its all my fault" Mommy whispered hugging the body tightly. Royal looked at the body and began to cry out. Who was the person? Where is daddy? I moved closer getting a full view of the body.

"Dawdy" I cried out when I saw his lifeless face. Daddy lay on the ground, his face seemed to be frozen in fear. Climbing on top of his body I cried for the lost life of my family then sang him to the otherworlds just as nanna had taught me.

"Do not cry child, move away so that I may help your father" That voice, it sounded so calming but yet powerful. I glanced to see a tall woman dressed in a long white and gold dress. She smiled and touched my face slightly to wipe my tears away.

"Yow will sawe dawdy" She nodded to me and picked me up. When I was in my mommys arms she began whispering one world.

"Mother" Her eyes were wide as she whispered this. The woman bent over daddy and opened her mouth.

"I will not come back Macy, but know. I've always loved you" Mommy nodded to the woman and watched as she locked her lips with daddys. Something gold passed out of the woman and into daddy. In seconds she fell away and daddy rose up.

"Dawdy" I yelled and tripped as I ran over to my father. He laughed and picked me up spinning me around.

"Yow okaw" Royal whispered in mommys arms. Mommy was crying and looking at the lady that laid on the ground as daddy once had. Mommy kissed Royals head and nodded as she picked him up and came over to me and daddy. She gave daddy a kissy and smiled at us.

"MACY" A loud voice crackled from the sky. Sudden a zap of light came down and stuck the ground only yards away. Daddy covered us from the after math them turned to see a large man advancing us.

"So it begins" Mommy whispered.

Lol this was like a filler but the next update will be reaaaaaaaaally long because its the fight scene. ;)

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