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You Complete Me

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Chapter Two




I woke up to the sound of my brother’s awful singing.

Okay, his voice was actually quite lovely if I admit it but at seven a. m. in the morning it was as irritating as hell. My eyelids fluttered and I squeezed them hard, trying to get back to sleep but of course, that was impossible with his loud inconsiderate singing.

“Shut up,” I grumbled into my pillow.

He didn’t hear me because he was in the bathroom and he increased his voice, Lady Gaga’s ‘Highway Unicorn’ echoing all over the place.

Well, Tyson, that’s your cue to get up.   

I growled again and screamed, “Shut up!”

There was silence and then a soft giggle. I heard his feet on the floor as he entered the room. The bed dipped as he plopped himself on it. He had his bright pink towel draped around his hips and another pink towel around his hair like some girl. I could smell his bubble gum shampoo as he leaned over to grin widely at my face. I rolled my eyes and closed them, ready to head back to dream land.

“Wake up sleeping beauty!” he giggled, “it’s Monday! Such a wonderful day, am I right?”

“Pft,” I replied and snuggled into the covers only to have them ripped away from my body. I moaned and pouted, curling into a ball. “Five more minutes,” I begged into the pillow.

“No, get your lazy ass up,” he laughed and then tickled my toes.

I squealed and jumped up from the bed. He giggled girlishly and sauntered over to our dresser. Or rather, his dresser; I never used the damn thing. Compared to him, I looked a fucking mess. My hair was tousled and all over the place and my boxers were askew, my t-shirt looked like a dozen bulls had just run over it.

He brought out his hair dryer and his beauty products and raised his eyebrows at my reflection, “well, are you going to continue ogling my perfection or are you going to get ready for school?”

I rolled my eyes but I was grinning, “perfection my ass.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing your highness, I will be gone now,” I chuckled and entered the bathroom to get ready.

When I was done with my shower and brushing my teeth, I returned to the room in my towel. Tyler was done drying his hair, which was an adorable puff of red all over his face and head, he was half dressed, wearing his black skinny jeans and a white tank top, painting his fucking nails. I just stared at him for an incredulous moment before stalking to our wardrobe.

“You do know we have gym today.”

“Mhm. So?” he replied, frowning in concentration as he delicately swiped the brush across his thumb.

I raised an eyebrow, “you’re painting your nails.”

“And you win a panda for pointing out the obvious,” he giggled and held his hand up, admiring the light pink polish.

“You’re going to break a nail,” I mumbled and rolled my eyes, fishing for what I was going to wear.

“If I do break a nail, Tyson, I’ll be blaming you,” he said and held his palm up, admiring his hand work. I had to say the pink went beautifully with his pale skin.

Not caring about what I picked; I just threw a random pair of blue jeans on the bed and a black t-shirt. I was already in my shorts so I just shoved my jeans on and threw my shirt over my head.

Miraculously, Tyler’s nails were dried and he was putting on his t-shirt, the same colour of pink to match his nails. I rolled my eyes; he was such a queen.

He gasped when he saw me and made a ‘tsk’ sound with his lips, “I am not walking with you looking like that. Come on and I’ll do your hair.”

I growled under my breath, “My hair is fine.”

“Like hell,” he giggled and took a brush then pushed me so I was sitting at the edge of the bed. He gently pulled the brush through my hair and I sighed impatiently. He giggled, taking his time. I inhaled deeply and the scent of fruits wafted into my nostrils.

“You changed your perfume.” I noted.

He pulled back, his cheeks reddening to look at me, “you noticed? Do you like it?” he asked eagerly.

I grinned and leaned over, pretending to be a dog, sniffing him and panting.

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Chapter Two

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