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justin bieber imagines !


 imagine - "Can you help me put this on?" You ask Justin as you both get ready to leave. You have your arms wrapped halfway around your neck as you hold both ends of the necklace, waiting for Justin to clasp it. Justin turns over to you and pushes all your hair to one side so that it draped over your shoulder. Justin grabs the ends of the necklace and you set your hands down as he clasps the necklace together. "Thanks." You say quietly. Justin turns you around and stares at the necklace he just put on you. It was the J-shaped necklace he's given you a while back. Justin smiles and then examines your whole outfit. "You" Justin breathes as his eyes roam your body. You blush and stare down at your outfit. You wore a flowy long skirt that had a tribal look to it and went down to your feet, a white tight tank top that showed some of your belly and some flip flops. Justin was also looking fine with his beach wear outfit. That white shirt that showed off his tatted arms and those jean shorts. Justin sees you blushing and grabs your chin. He leans into you and pecks your lips. He pulls away smiling and then backs away to slip on his sandals. "Ready?" He asks. You nod your head as you put on your sunglasses and walk over to the door. "Oh, babe can you hold my phone in your pocket?" You say and point over at your phone laying on the bed. After Justin slipped on his sunglasses, he grabbed your phone and his phone and place them in his jean pocket. You both walk out of the room and down the walkway. You notice the bus empty and saw everyone standing outside by three rented black Range Rovers. You both walk out the tour bus and Justin closes the tour bus door shut. You look over to the group of people by the cars and noticed that three of Justin's male dancers decided to tag along and obviously two bodyguards. Later you see zack. The guy who you accidently had sex with when you were drunk.

"H-hey." Zack speaks. "Hi." You mumble and nervously play with your fingers. "What are you doing here?" You ask quietly. "I'm visiting my friends. They live down here." Zack replies. "Oh." You mumble. "What are you doing here?" He asks. "I'm....I'm hanging with my friends and family." You reply. "" Zack says but you quickly interrupt him. "You better get out of this store right now." You softly hiss as you look around in caution. "What? Why?" He laughs. "Just do what I fucking say." You hiss. Justin notices the anger you were giving the stranger to his eyes and walked over to you. "What's going on? Are you messing with my girlfriend?" Justin asks. "No...c'mon." You tell Justin and grab his arm. You pull him away and walk over to the other side of the store. "*yn* what the hell was that all about?" Justin asks as he stops walking. "Nothing." You reply. "Don't lie to me. Tell me who that guy was." Justin demands. "I don't know him." You say as you move back a strand of your hair behind your ear. "You don't know him? It clearly looked like you do with the way you were looking at him." Justin spat. Alfredo hears you and Justin a few feet away and walks over to you guys. "What's going on?" Alfredo asks. You and Justin both ignore him. "Can we just go?" You beg. "No." Justin says. "Alfredo lets go. I'm leaving." You say to Fredo. "Ok..." Alfredo says. "No! I'm not letting you leave until you tell me who that guy is." Justin says as he steps closer to you. You sigh and shake your head. "I don't want to tell you." You whisper with scared eyes. Justin looks down at you through his sunglasses and places comforting hands on your arms. "Baby. Just tell me. Please." Justin begs as he caresses his thumb against your skin. You look up at him for a silent minute. You part your lips to speak and your bottom lip starts to quiver. "Zack...his name is Zack." You mumble. "Zack? Who the hell is he?" Justin asks in confusion as his eyebrows knit together. You lick your lips and look around for a seat.

 You find  a bench right behind you and slowly sit down on it. Justin crosses his arms in his chest as he waits for you to tell him what he wants to hear. "He's the guy......the guy I....cheated on you with...." You whisper. Alfredo's eyes widen at the new information he was hearing. No one knew besides Ryan, the actual reason why you and Justin broke up, but now Fredo knows too... "What?" Alfredo asks in shock. At this point you didn't care that Alfredo knows, you just payed attention to Justin. His hands clench into a fist and his nostrils start to flare in anger. Justin slowly slides his fists in his pockets and impatiently taps his foot on the floor. "Justin please don't-" You say but Justin quickly walks away. Justin trudges through the store and you quickly follow behind Justin. "Justin! Please! Stop!" You shout after him. Up ahead, you spot Zack and start to panic. Justin makes his way towards Zack and you start to run. "You!" Justin shouts as he points his pointer finger at Zack while he walks towards him. Zack looks at Justin with a relaxed facial expression. "You fucked my girlfriend while we were still together!" Justin spat with anger and shoved Zack right in the chest. Zack smirks and puts his hands up for surrender. "Bro that was like months ago." Zack replies. "Don't fucking "bro" me bitch!" Justin yells as he shoves Zack again. The whole store gets quiet and the customers all watch. "Justin!" You shout as you try to get closer but sudden arms were wrapped around your waist. You look around to see Alfredo holding you back. "Fredo! Let me go!" You say as you try to get out of his hold. "Instead of trying to start a fight with me, you should go punish your girlfriend for spreading her legs open in a club." Zack softly laughs. Justin's jaw tightens and he swings his arm, punching Zack right in the face. In reflex, Zack throws a punch at Justin but Justin blocks it with his arm. 

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