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Dedicated to


This poem is especially for you lovely ladies, i like always can't find a perfect way to start

But it's ok i'm trying and one thing i want to say "when we leave, plz still keep each other close to heart"


you were there to encourage my dreams and told me to never let them go

You made me try and taught me till i forgot the words "i don't know"

"we know you are stupid but you can do it  if you try" these words that made me carry on

You were there all the time never gave up on me; u didn't start at night and end at dawn


Just the look of u guys would make me smile, cuz I knew that it would be another day that I would enjoy

Doing all those stupid dares, watching and laughing at each other, jumping with joy

Thank you for making me laugh so hard that u made me cry and my stomach hurt

Keep it going we gotta hold on and make our friendship reassert

Mostly we had the same opinions especially when it came to people we couldn’t bare

People who annoyed the hell out of us but yeah now it’s over now we don’t have to care

All those people who made us roll our eyes, and made it hard to act polite

When inside we wanted to laugh so hard and we knew that was not something right


I might have been wrong but u lead me on, what would I have done without u guys

Imagine if we bumped into each other in the future, wouldn't that be a great surprise?

We usually did nothing but it was still great fun, all those awesome times we’re gonna miss

But it’s ok we will still be friend forever so when we meet, same emotion “BLISS”


Wouldn’t u laugh, thinking back at the times when we used to play basketball like crazy

But it was great fun at least better than other girls, yeah we weren’t lazy

Playing football, table tennis, rock –climbing, soft ball, trampoline, we tried all the sports

We were those girls who didn’t mind playing in dresses it isn’t a must tht u always have to play in shorts


If I fell you would pick me up and then laugh ur ass off. Ha! that used to be fun

Ahh it was nice when we played all the kiddish games, gosh Im gonna miss u guys a ton


Thank you iram u helped me find my way on the very first day, when everything seemed so confusing

If you weren’t there for me I’m sure on that day my mind is what I would have been losing

So you see in this world we all need each other, so stick together and don’t fall apart

Hey remember guys when we joined that awesome club called “martial art”?


  It was fun making fun of teachers, Mr.  Andy and his smile and the way he blinked his eyes

Sage ur eyes weighed 5kg cuz of boredom hahah remember the way he said “guys hey guys”


All of a sudden u would laugh really loud, cuz my facial expressions were so easily read by you

Cuz we would have secret conversations which didn’t need words, yea yea I’ll miss you too

Finally u would get a hold of urselves and then see my face and start laughing all over again

Saja, the dare I made u do in the mtr, we laughed so hard in the train, the ppl stared at us from the other end!


You would ask “hey can I take those” if I said ‘no’ u still would take it and say “ok thanks”

You guys would let me copy homework, so on my paper I wouldn’t get loser stamps

You guys would understand me when i hardly knew what I was saying, with a weird language I would speak

Im sure We're gonna miss those tyms, whn u’d annoy me, play fighting nd of course saja, playing hide and seek


u guys would say im stupid but I proudly say “at least u guys preferred me over the others”! But don’t forget,

I love you guys anyways I mentioned it a lot, but Im not done yet!

I have got lots to say! Yes, thank u for sharing ur lunches cuz school food did taste terrible at times

Wait wasn’t that always, cuz I ate ur lunch everyday didn’t I? well that means not "sometimes"


U were there when I couldn’t keep the excitement inside me any longer and I would be about to burst

Until u guys would come and listen and I can finally breathe again, u guys were to know first

Whn I used to say “whteva nthing’s wrng” n’ u go n’ pinch me and say “stop over-reacting n’ spit it out”

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