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The Virginity Game


Chapter 7: Mercedes

Sliding on my ripped and faded blue jeans, I scanned my room for shoes that would look good with my outfit, landing upon a pair of black heels with some lace on them. I zipped them up onto my feet, checking them out afterwards. On this grim day, I still managed to smile because of my shoes. I looked myself over in the mirror. I was glad I had decided that wearing a lot of makeup wasn’t my thing. Instead, I was just wearing a little foundation, eyeliner, tiny bit of eye shadow, and some mascara.

I grabbed a grey cardigan out of my closet, not buttoning it up, before digging through my purse for my perfume. I slid on my leather jacket after two sprits of perfume, grabbing my purse immediately after, and headed downstairs towards my car. I played with my long, black, wavy hair, once again brushing it all over to my right side.

There you are, Autumn,” I had almost made it to the door before she noticed me. “For a moment, I thought you spent the night at that young man’s house.” I shuddered as I turned around to face her, an unimpressed expression on my face, but she never left the kitchen. I didn’t even like to think about that. Not the sex part, but the fact my Mom was so accepting of the fact I might’ve spent the night at his house without even phoning me to check.

“No, Mom,” I sighed, turning back towards the door. “I’m right here, but I’m going to be late.” I opened the door before I finished talking, and slammed it shut before she could respond. Looking for my keys, I walked almost blindly, I managed to pull them out a few feet away from my car. I looked up, dropping my keys at what I saw.

“Oh you have got to be fucking kidding.” I spoke as I locked my wide eyes with Kyle Lenard, seconds later looking to his silver Mercedes Benz that he was leaning on. I bent down, quickly scooping up my keys and continued on my way to my car- a ford fusion. I wasn’t looking at him, but I could still see him push off of his car and quickly walk towards me. I opened the door to my car, tossing my purse onto the passenger seat.

“Autumn,” Kyle’s voice made me jump. Not because I wasn’t expecting it- because I was- but because he was a lot closer than I thought he’d be. I turned around slowly, with an emotionless expression, trying really hard to keep my balance and not fall backwards into my car. “I was on my way to school and-”

“Let me guess,” I held up my hand slightly, signalling for him to stop. “You were on your way to school and you wanted to know if I wanted a ride with you.” I raised my eyebrows, and I sort of felt bad for being this irritated already. I really wasn’t in a good mood, mostly from yesterday, but seeing him here was not helping the situation.

He smiled. “Yeah, you know, save the world one car at a time...” he moved his hand up, resting it on top of my open car door. I didn’t respond, instead I just stood there and looked at him, eyebrows still raised, and waited for him to say something else. He caught on after a few silent seconds.

“So...” His eyes moved around, not landing on anything around me for long. “Did you want a ride?” Jeydon’s face popped into my mind, as did my little plan for ‘being a bitch, and still a tease’. Fuck me.

“Sure,” I surprised myself at how nice that sounded, and the look on Kyle’s face showed he was a little surprised, too. “Just let me get my bag.” With a sudden jolt, he finally realized what I had said and moved out of my way and I leaned into my car, reaching across to grab my bag.

“Did you already have breakfast?” He asked, causing me to hit my head on the roof as I made my way out of the car. “Ouch, are you okay?” As my body was completely out of the car, he reached his hand up to my head. I grabbed his wrist and lowered it before he could touch my head.

“I’m fine, and no, I didn’t.” As he was about to open his mouth again, no doubt about to ask if I wanted to go get some breakfast with him, but I stopped him again. “But I don’t want any yet.”

“Oh... Kay,” He started backing away, spinning after a couple seconds and walking for his car. I closed my door, locking the car after I did, and followed him down my driveway going to the passenger door of his

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Jessica Albaas Autumn Philips
Shenae Grimesas Natalie Brooks
Authur Salesas Brett Reiter
Jesse McCartneyas Travis Gallagher
Alex Pettyferas Jeydon Williams
Alex Evansas David Gilmore
Dave Francoas Mark Brown
Ariana Grande as Kassey Smitt
Jeremy Youngas Kyle Lenard
Zac Efronas Steven Jacobs
Rachel McAdamsas Samantha Corodin
Salma Hayekas Megan Philips

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