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[Personal Crimson Possession]-[Durarara Story]

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The atmosphere grew tense as Ran continued her story. She surprisingly didn't feel uncomfortable, somehow, and she didn't know why she felt that way. She noted that the doctor, Shinra, paid special attention to her story. Doctor's instincts, she assumed. Nonetheless, she resumed.

"I was the only human alive. The other babies didn't make it," she said. Celty gulped down the lump in her throat. That was such a horrible thing to do… She imagined a lab full of cylinders containing many embryos of innocent babies—she didn't have the power to continue imagining. Meanwhile, Ran resumed her story. She told them that she got genes from various people. They actually volunteered for the research. Celty shifted in her seat uncomfortably.

Ran couldn't believe she was telling this to people she hardly knew. They're strangers to her. She was new to the city—she couldn't, by any chance, recognize the names Kishitani Shinra, Celty Sturluson, or Shizuo Heiwajima. Even she couldn't tell her best friends back in Shibuya. Hell, her online chat friends are closer to her compared with these three people!

Oddly enough, she didn't feel anything wrong with it. Clearing her throat silently, she broke the silence in the room.

She recalled what her adopted father had said and retold it to them. "Ironically, the research gained much support from public. But it was still kept secret. No one in the government knew that behind the walls of that hospital there was such a thing. The newspaper and magazines never showed anything related to the illegal activity. It remains a rumor—until now, I guess."

Shinra examined the girl across him intently. Who would think that such a normal looking girl like her was actually a result of an illegal experiment? Miraculously, she survived. He shook his head weakly, and then laid his eyes on Ran once again. She was still gazing out the window. "The scientists got the genes from volunteers. After that they simply dissect my body and plant it in." She murmured. "The volunteers cost their life to sacrifice their genes to me."

"…unbelievable," was the word Celty had typed.

Ran couldn't help but think that not only the scientists were freaks, but the volunteers were no different. What were they thinking? What caused them to plan such an insane, horrible thing?"

Shizuo's facial expression hasn't change since she first told her story, but secretly he was holding in his rage. What kind of person would sacrifice a newborn kid to achieve such a foolish goal? That's just crazy!

Ran's next words were far then the listeners have imagined.

"My adopted father told me that the lead scientist was my biological father," she told them.

If Celty had a head, the emotion written on her face would be shock, anger, and sadness. The world is both a very happy and a very sad place, she told herself. She examined Ran. The girl looked as normal as any other girl would. She could blend really well in a gray-shaded crowd. Even if she does stick out like a sore thumb, it'll be in a good way. And in addition, she looked like she was used to such a saddening fact. She had grown accustomed to it. Obviously it must hurt the time she first knew, but… now, she said it out like it was common sense. That was ironic. Again, the female Dullahan shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

Ran was still gazing out the window. Shizuo assumed that she was afraid to meet their gaze. She said that her father was the one that set the goal as he was the leader of the group—to create a flawless human being. The blonde watched without any certain emotion on his face. Still, inside, he's trying hard not to let himself lose control. He observed the girl for the umpteenth time that day. She looked perfectly normal in any angle. Nothing was wrong—she will be a perfect part of people hustling and bustling in a train station, trying to get in the automatically sliding doors. She looks and acts like normal people. She herself is normal. But what they did to her was not normal at all, he thought to himself. At last, his face broke into a very deep frown.

"My dad… he collected genes from many people. When I was in middle school, people told me I was perfect as a joke. Of course they didn't know the truth that I was actually dissected to become what I am now," she whispered, her voice getting softer with every word that came out of her lips. "At my school days I got straight A's in almost every subject." She continued. Soon enough, Shinra interrupted. "You said 'almost every'." He reminded. The girl that sat across him nodded, her eyes now closed. Shinra wondered if she was trying to hold back her tears. "My father and his colleagues failed. Not every gene was planted successfully—some of them actually didn't get connected with the brain so they couldn't function. Not only had they failed at that, but…" she trailed off. Shinra didn't know how she felt, but his curiosity made him signal her to continue.

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