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Name: Ran Ryogo (Not her real name)


Age: Unknown


Race: Human


Clothing: Her usual wardrobe consists a pair of skinny jeans, maroon. Or a pair of dark purple. She wears a low V-neck which is usually either pale violet with a neon green tank underneath. Her shoes are a pair of high heeled boots in which she uses to hide her Handgun in there, incase she gets into trouble.

Markings/Scars/Etc..: A dog’s bite is on her left wrist. Obtained from when she was a kid and a dog attacked her.

Personality: Bitchy and an ass to anyone she thinks that needs to be put in their place, she will not hesitate to do so. She is easily persuaded into things that she will most likely will regret in later life. Her past wasn’t a very enjoyable one so she isn’t the type of woman to be seen laughing, smiling and giggling every five seconds of her life. Due to her past, at night she usually plays it hard with a great poker face.

Likes: Partying, Music, Ramen, Sushi, Getting new guns.

Dislikes: Whores, Sluts, Morons, Those who think ‘highly’ of themselves, loud noises, etc..

Habits: Tends tobounce around when she’s told she can get another gun, Fooling with her hair, hitting on guys.


Family: She was adopted


Gang: Black Holes

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