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The Alpha Meets The Rogue


The Rated R version of this chapter is in the "Private Chapters" in my profile page. 

Chapter 22


When I woke up the next morning, Dylan was gone.

I felt slightly disappointed, until memories of how amazing last night had been took over. I couldn’t keep the smile off my lips and the blush out of my face.

I sat up on the bed, and heard the shower running. I wanted to go and join him, but I knew he would be busy today.

With Blake here, it was probably better to plan on what would happen with Alpha Nicolas, than waste time.

As tempted as I felt with wanting to accompany him in the shower, I decided to get up and search for clothes.

I would go and shower in another room.


I felt the warm spray of the shower softly hitting my face. It was a nice feeling. I almost didn’t leave the shower.

Dylan came barging into the bathroom like a mad man. I pulled the curtain to the side, to find him standing there- only a towel covering below his waist.

Dylan let out a sigh once he saw me. When he saw I wasn’t wearing any clothes, his eyes slowly looked at every part of me.

I cleared my throat, and voted against crossing my arms after last night.

“Did you need anything?” I asked, a smile playing on my lips.

“I didn’t find you in the bed, so I got worried. Why didn’t you shower with me?” He asked, walking toward me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, and continued to stare at me.

I chuckled, and tried pushing him away.

“You and Blake are going to be busy. He’s leaving soon, and I want you two to make some type of agreement or something, before he leaves,” I said.

The water was hitting the side of his arm, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Dylan,” I said, barely above a whisper.

“Go and get dressed,” I told him, pushing him away.

“Now that I’ve had you, I want you all the time,” he said.

I smiled, and let him kiss me for a few moments, before pulling away.

Dylan started walking out of the bathroom, and I almost made him come back to me- but I stopped myself.


I got out of the shower feeling hot and bothered. It wasn’t exactly a nice feeling. I started looking for Dylan, wanting him to stay with me a bit longer before leaving.


When I got downstairs, I found out Dylan had already left and in his place were Eric and a guy named Scott.

“When did Dylan leave?” I asked, disappointed that I hadn’t caught him.

“He just left like five minutes ago,” Eric answered.

I was mad at myself for stopping Dylan earlier, because now I wanted him.


I thought about going out to find him, and maybe I would get to see Blake as well, but I voted against the idea. I didn’t want to intrude in their time, and there was no doubt Dylan would get distracted if I was there.


I settled for watching TV for a few hours.

Dylan’s mom came to see me after I had been watching pointless TV. At first, I thought it might have been awkward between us. I had only met her one other time, and it hadn’t been for a long while.

Surprisingly, it was really nice to have her company.


“You should go visit Benjamin and me more often,” Dylan’s mom said, while she prepared breakfast for us.

“I know. I’ve been busy,” I replied, shyly. I had time to go and visit her, but I had felt like it would make her uncomfortable if I did.

“I see you two already completed the mating process.” She didn’t sound embarrassed when she said it. Instead, she almost looked proud.

“We did,” I simply said, and then remained quiet.

“Good, I want grandchildren,” she stated.

I stayed quiet, not knowing how to reply to that comment.

Emma started giggling, which in itself was strange. I looked up to see what was going on with her.

“Honey, I don’t mean you have to start popping out babies now. It’s just something nice to look forward too,” she said, and I felt relieved. I wanted kids- that much I knew.

I just didn’t feel ready for them yet. With everything that was going on, I knew Dylan and I wouldn’t be able to handle taking care of them. There was just too much to worry about right now.

I wouldn’t feel safe having kids with Alpha Nicolas after me.

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Danny Schwarz as Dylan
Emilia Clarkeas Leila
Matt Lanteras Blake
Liam Payneas Eric
Christian Baleas Nicolas
Matt Barras Jace
Alexander Skarsgardas Caine

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