Fiery Obsessions (On Hold - End Feb)


This WHOLE story is dedicated to Olga8sea ... Just for being so absolutely amazing!! 

Author's Note:

Welcome all my Old Perverts and New Perverts! This is Book Two of the Obsessions Series!

You honestly don't have to read the first book, Twin Obsessions, to understand what is going on in this story but trust me ... after a while you are going to want to ;)

But anyways, warning about what you're gonna find in here ... This is a Rated R love story that had some rocking hordcore scenes in it ... If you don't like that kind of thing I suggest that you don't read any further. It is also a menage, also known as polygamy, and has a bit of male on male action in it because, let's be honest, we all have our little fantasies of seeing that. I will also be talking about bondage in here, just so you know in case that sort of stuff makes you feel uncomfortable ...

That said, this is a series were I focus on fantasies, they're mostly mine that I feel like I want to share so that you know that you are not alone in what you like and enjoy. So comment if I've hit a mark and tell me if there is something you would like me to add. I would also like you to Private Message me what you like, what your deepest, darkest fantasy is that you have never even told your best friend ... I would like to add it in here and share it with others who may or may not have thought of the same things but have felt embaressed to admit it.

I can't always upload as much as I want to which is why I would like to ask that you don't nag me for uploads because I do get testy sometimes and please don't bombard me with requests to read your work ... I know it's hard to get your work out there but I can't write as much as I want and still read all the stories that are asked of me to read.

Please keep an open mind and remeber to keep an extra pair of underwear near by!!

Oh! The cover was made (once again) by the awesome thelostboys and my editor is Maya_2011, who also happens to be the reason fro me bringing out this story sooner than what I planned!

*Whispers* ... She's like a little devil in my ear ...


Anywho!! The first chapter will be put up by Friday night, I just wanted to give all of you a heads up to let you know when and what to expect from me ... Also keep an eye out for a shifter R Rated story I'm bring out along with this one. It's going to be very sexy and VERY intense ...

LilMouse, Out!

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