My Life Is Spinning Outta Control ❤ ON HOLD SORRY ❤

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Raphael's POV:

I flew up the stairs taking them two at a time, I locked the door,not  wanting to her my Dad's voice calling me back, I plugged in my iPod and listened to 'Domino by Jessie J''.  I started dancing around singing loudly,

"Dirty dancing in the moonlight, take me down like I'm a domino!" I jumped around a bit just for the fun of it. Little did I know that this would infuriated my Dad more as he banged on my bedroom door so loudly that I could hear it over my very loud Jessie J music. I put it on pause and opened the door with an innocent look on my face,

"Yes Dad?" I couldn't help grinning.

"Don't you 'Yes Dad' me and take that innocent look off your face or I will have to slap it off." he said bluntly. "You know why I came up here and that was to?"

"To slap me?" I asked acting dumb on purpose.

"You really want aggravate me, don't you?"

"No, Daddy," I said innocently, "I'm sorry and I will take my punishment because I deserve it." Usually this butters him up and he lets me off.

"Your right, you will take it." he said enjoying this. "Now get started on your homework and I don't want to her any music at all." he grinned and went down this stairs whistling a happy tune.

Well that went well.

I shut the door, sat down on my bed and pulled out all of my homework from my red McKenzie bag. English, Art, Maths and Biology.


I had opened my English and started scribbling down some answers when my pocket buzzed.

My phone.

I checked the messages, 1 from Camille. I opened it and read it,

Serious news. I want to tell you, face to face. Come round mine.

I sighed and texted back,

Can't. I'm stuck inside doing homework. I was busted by my Dad.

I sent the message and got back to my homework. I quickly glanced at the time,


This is gonna be a tiring day.


My sister told me I started the drama to early what do you think?

Please answer I love your comments.

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Chapter 5


Vanessa Hudgensas Raphelle Rochester
Taylor Lautneras Reece Barrett
Beyonce Knowlesas Camille Thompson
Zac Efronas Liam Luxford
Carlos Penaas Kyle Barrett
Billy Ray Cyrusas Dad
Sarah Chalkeas Nurse Genevieve
Grantly Budgenas Mr Whittington
Taylor Swiftas Abby Garcia
Solange Knowlesas Ariana Thompson

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