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"I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life..." - Henry David Thoreau

There are so many milestones in life.

When you turn five, you start school. Eleven marks junior high and fourteen is synonymous with high school. Then there's the infamous sweet sixteen and two years later you're an adult. During those 18 years, you have your first crush, first kiss, first boyfriend and first car. You might even buy your first pack of cigarettes, and if you want to live on the edge, you actually smoke them. 

I've honestly never been the type to live on the edge. Sure, I went to school and graduated, and I had my fair share of crushes, but I never acted on impulse. I never had my first kiss, my first boyfriend or even my first car. 

My family was too poor to afford to do anything for any of my birthdays, let alone my sweet sixteen and I never smoked or even bought a cigarette. I was the definition of a wallflower that watched the world pass by.

So when I turned 21, I decided that I was tired of living a life of quiet desperation. I wanted to "live deep and suck out all the marrow of life."

Little did I know how literally Fate would take me...

 \\Dedicated to TheRedDelilah for the original face of Forever 21 that she made me (which will be in a future sidepanel since it's no longer in use) and because she is, herself, an amazing woman! Also a big thanks to NeverBroken for the pic in this chapter's sidepanel.\\

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