Another chapter for you guys ;)

I decided to change the rating to PG-13 after reviewing due to language and future stuff. So here is chapter 4, enjoy ;)

The whole day I was giddy, and excited, and even Nika noticed. We were eating lunch when Nika hit my leg. 

"Ow! Nika!" I say giggling because I'm not really mad.  

"Why are you so happy?! Tell me love!" She says after eating one of the chips off my plate. I swat her hand away and take a sip of her water. 

"Well. Today a cute guy kinda sorta asked me out!" I say expecting her to be shocked. But she wasn't. 

"Liam right?" How did she know... I didn't tell her. 

"H-how did you know it was Liam-brown hair, brown eyes?" she nodded and we got up to throw away our trays. 

"It was so obvious Lala, he has been crushing on you since his first day here two weeks ago." That was when I was still 'griefing' over Harry. "He was being very obvious, I can't believe you didn't notice..." I couldn't believe that I had been that zoned out; that I hadn't noticed a guy had liked me. I felt angry with myself, for being so stupid and distracted! 

There was now only one class left until school was out, and I was just too excited so I could get home and get ready for work so I could see Liam. I mean sure, it wasn't a date, and I would be working, but I could still hang with him if today wasn't as busy. I kept embarrasing myself in literature because I couldn't pay attention or stay focused for anything in the world. When my teacher collected my essay, my face became hot when she returned it to me because I had doodled hearts, and Liam's name all over the page. I sunk down in my seat and began to rewrite it, making sure I didn't doodle this time. I kept glancing up at the clock and groaned because it was moving so very slow. Usually I wouldn't be eager for work but now it was the only place I wanted to go. 

As soon as the bell rings, I shoot up and shuffle out the door and down the hall to the west exit. I needed to freshen up before work and look extra good for Liam-not that I cared that much. Okay. I cared a lot. 

I am about to leave the school yard when Rylissa comes up to me, panting. I try to stop my eyes from wandering down to her fire truck red zebra print pants, but I fail and then cringe. She is gasping for air and I hold back a laugh as she bends over. 

"What Rylissa? I gotta get ready for work." I say only slightly agitated. She stands upright again and smiled. 

"There is someone who wants to give you a ride in a realllyy nice car outside the east wing." She says as I drop my books and use my hands to cover my hanging mouth. 

That could only mean one person. 


A lump formed in my throat as my mind became cloudy again-and all of a sudden my feet were moving by themselves, running through the school to the east wing. I know I bumped into a few people and I know that I left my books on the ground but Rylissa would probably get them for me-hopefully. I finally reach the east exit doors and stop running. I smooth my sweater dress and try to make my breathing get to normal before I present myself in front of-someone who might be Harry. It dawned at me that this might not even be Harry. I didn't know who it was. I didn't know why I was so eager to see him. He was a jerk. An ingrate. 

But still. 

Walking out, I looked around for the car-it would easily stand out in our school parking lot. That's when I saw him. 

My eyes widened as Harry was sitting/leaning on the hood of a silver Porsche, wearing a black button up, jeans, and black slip ons. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing tattoos I never noticed. He was wearing avaitors, upon seeing me he did a little wave like were were long lost friends. I just look at him and decide if I really want to go up to him. For one it would be attention drawing, I mean lots of people were already looking at the car and taking pictures of it, all of which Harry didn't mind. He probably liked the attention. Jerk.