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Chicken Thief


This chapter includes knotting (bold text). Do you not enjoy Sterek knotting? Just skip the bold text.


The cabinet creaked as they slammed into it, and Derek shifted back into human form, his hand closing around Stiles’s neck.

His great chest heaved. Blood dripped freely down his sculpted arm, though he seemed not to notice. Its coppery scent stung the little wolf’s nose. Sharp fangs hung over Derek’s bottom lip, and his eyes shone a brilliant red, even in the bright kitchen light.

“Change back.” he growled.

Stiles obeyed, and the man’s hand tightened as his neck shrunk back to its human size.

Sweat dripped down the man’s brow, and his slick body rubbed against the little wolf’s own, all hunger and rage. “Looks like I won, even with a handicap.”

Stiles nodded, his breath hitched in his throat. “Yeah. You won.”

The man’s fingers kindled the fire in his veins, the dull throb between his legs growing every second. Glancing down, he noticed Derek in the same predicament. The man couldn’t resist his animal side, even if he tried. It always clawed its way to the surface eventually.


The little wolf’s skin flushed and he stared into the black wolf’s eyes. The linoleum floor cooled the fever rising across his flesh, and he gasped for air as his mate studied him. What was he thinking? What was he going to do now that he won?

“Is this what you wanted?” Derek grumbled through clenched teeth and his hand slipped off the little wolf’s neck.

Stiles’s eyes widened. “I wanted to …”

“Wake the beast lurking inside?” His fingers burned as they scraped over Stiles’s skin, groping the little wolf’s sensitive nipples until he writhed. Every pinch feeding the flame in his groin.

“You are a wolf.” Stiles managed through his labored breath.

Green eyes narrowed into slits. “You want me to claim you in anger? You want me to hurt you?”

The little wolf frowned and shook his head. “No! I want you to claim me like you should.”


Derek’s face flushed and his hands tightened on Stiles’s thighs, the muscles throbbing under his touch. The Alpha’s chest heaved with every breath, and the little wolf was sure the entire world stood still for that moment, that decision.

Those powerful, calloused hands slid up Stiles’s strong legs, the touch just shy of gentle. Fingers groped over his rounded ass, and the little wolf’s eyes widened. His mate tricked him before without actually giving in, but he couldn’t help the hope that swelled in his chest nonetheless.

Lust danced across the black wolf’s eyes, and he licked his lips even as his jaw clenched. Stiles took a deep breath, and silently urged his mate forward. Derek’s mouth smashed against Stiles’s, and the little wolf whimpered. A hot tongue darted inside his lips as he submitted to the kiss. Static electricity charged through every nerve in his body, the heat of his mate rising need throughout his whole being.

He couldn’t think.

Couldn’t breathe.

Couldn’t do anything but react to the man looming over him.


Teeth nipped at his lips, and Stiles found his fingers digging into Derek’s back. The muscles shifted under his palms, like a great beast walking. He didn’t remember wrapping his arms around his mate. Didn’t mean to whimper as the man pulled away, but it slipped out of his throat regardless.

The black wolf growled and yanked open the cupboard in one fluid movement, a line of bright red trickling down his left arm. He grumbled as he groped inside and pulled out a bottle of olive oil. His hands didn’t tremble in the least, his heart thumping a steady and regular beat, as he poured the pungent liquid over his palm. It glistened as he coated each finger.

Stiles stared, and he wanted to say something, but everything he could think of seemed useless. Any question would just cement him as an inexperienced cub.

Derek’s eyes burned when he turned them back to the little wolf. The icy gaze stabbed Stiles right in the chest, but the hardness around the man’s lips softened, just a bit.


“Relax.” he growled and rolled Stiles’s hips forward as he leaned down. His hungry mouth teased the tip of the little wolf’s cock, lapping at it, while a lubed finger pressed inside. The combination of sudden pleasure and stretching pain blurred Stiles’s vision, and he arched his back, groaning.

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Tyler Hoechlinas Derek Hale
Dylan O'Brienas Stiles Stilinski

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