I woke to find August sleeping like a Heavenly Angel,but when he wakes up he is like Satan was sweet then he turned into a bad person and fell from heaven.I would've preferred for him to be kicked from heaven.

I decide today since I don't feel good.I'm just gonna do everything I can.

I went and took a shower got out and did the rest of my hygiene.I made sure I put on enough make-up so that the kids wouldn't notice anything.When Carter came from the Bathroom!August was already up.

"GoodMorning Baby."August smiled.

"GoodMorning."Carter said.

Then she went downstairs and made breakfast for the kids.She woke them up.They did there hygiene routine.Carter wasn't gonna tell August to come eat.He got a nose he can smell it.

"Mommy were is Daddy."Nina said.

"He is upstairs doing something."Carter said.

Nina & Jeremiah got quiet and started to look at each other.When Carter finished eating. August then came downstairs to eat.

Carter was just in the kitchen then Nina came in.

"Mama what's wrong."Nina said!

"Honey there is nothing wrong."Carter said!

"Okay Mama."Nina said.

Carter went back over to the table...She was getting Nina plate since she realized she was finished.

"Baby I will be back."August got up and left.

Then Carter got a text from her Friend Mariah...

'Mariah Told her she was coming over.'

Mariah Son Josh was the same age as Jeremiah!She finally made it there!

"Hey Girl."Mariah said walking through the door.

"Hey."Carter said.

Josh & Jeremiah went to go play.

"So what has been going on?"Mariah asked.

"Good Things."Carter lied.

"Are you sure Carter."Mariah said.

"Yeah."Carter said.

"Well then were is August."Mariah said.

"He went somewhere he told me he is gonna be back."Carter looked down.

"Carter are you sure August isn't cheating on you."Mariah said.

"No he would never do that."Carter said.

"So Carter men these days change quick no matter what."Mariah said.

"Well I doubt August would do that."Carter brushed against the couch!

Mariah could see in Carter eyes that she was scared for some reason she felt like for some reason Carter wasn't telling her anything.Mariah wasn't Carter therapist or anything.She was just her Friend.

Then August came through the door!They didn't even notice.

"August is just very Bitchy for no reason."Carter said.

"Why don't u just talk to him."Mariah suggested.

"I just need to let August cool off."Carter said as she began to think!

"Well I'm gonna leave now."Mariah got up and went outside to get Josh so they can leave.

Carter just was going upstairs to get her purse and keys.When she made it in the room August grabbed her by the arm just as she was about to walk out.