A Pirates Broken Promise

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Authors Note: This is my new story I just recently started. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Don't forget to vote it would really mean alot to me. Well Enjoy! :))

Chapter 1: Were It Began

I woke up to the bright sun hitting my face, having forgotten to pull the curtains down last night. A smile was plastered on my face, the day had finally came.

On cue my mother opened my bedroom door with a tray full of food. The wonderful scents hit my nose making me sit up. A smile was on her face "My little one your awake today's the day" she beamed.

"It's feel as if it has tooken forever but I'm so happy mother finally today's the day" I sang happily while clapping my hands together.

Setting the tray down on the desk she sat on the edge of the bed. "You've finally become a women my little rose has finally grown up" she said her eyes becoming watery.

Getting up to stand in front of her I wipped the tears for the side of her face. Wrapping my arms around her I hugged her tightly. "Mother don't cry it is a happy day. Father is coming so don't be sad" I said pulling away to look at her.

She gave me a small smile "I know it's just your growing up so fast". Standing she looked me over before walking to pull a box from under my bed. A white box with a big red rose laid with a envelope attached to it.

Raising an eyebrow at her, she just grinned "What is this?" I asked curiously.

"Your father had it sent last week he wants you to wear it for tonight." she said. Looking at the book I pulled the rose to my nose inhaling the sweet smell. Turning the envelope in my hand it was closed with my fathers seal.

It was a round red sticker with the symbol of a rose. A smile crept onto my face I was his little girl there only child. He had called me his little rose since I could remember.

When I asked him why he called me that he simply told me. "Your my delicate little rose, you've grown from a small bud into a beautiful flower. Your fiesty attitude reminds me of the thorns on a rose." he would say proudly looking at.

Opening the envelope I pulled out a folded letter.


The day has arrived you've reached the age of 16 your now a women. You truly have grown up I remember when you were just a baby. I'm sure that you will look as beautiful as ever.

I will be there to celebrate with you on your special day so wait for my arrival. There in the box is a dress that I knew would fit you perfectly on this special occasion.

I should be arriving soon so be patient my little rose.

Love, Your Father

A sob was caught in my throat he really was coming like he always did. I only saw my father once a year and you guessed it. He came only on my birthday due to him being always out on the sea.

My father was a pirate from way before he meet my mother and they had me. The seas were his life and he didn't want to give that up. So my mother not wanting to hold him back became a stay at home mother to raise me.

At the end of it all she loved him to death they always said they were each others soul mates. A reassuring pat on my shoulder made me come out of my thoughts.

My mother stood next to me smiling urging me to open my gift. Slowly sliding the bow off the white box opening the lid. I gasped it was completely beautiful.

Pulling it out of the box the color was a blood red it would be an amazing contrast with my light skin. It was a Victorian Gothic Lolita ball gown with a tight bodice it was perfect for a coming of age dress.