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Totally Not Happening! (Original Story)


“Good morning Justice High School, let’s get ready for the Autumn Formal and let’s find the girls a date. Guys, you must ask the girls out and the theme will be fall. Don’t forget to wear an original costume and a costume contest will be going on. Have a great day!” Morning announcements suck!!!!

“Good morning Sammy!” Gina shouted for the whole world to hear and she plopped down next to me.

“Nice to see that you are having a fabulous morning,” I said to her. All weekend all I got was calls from my jerky editor who glues his lips to mine all the time because he is evil!

“Hello ladies,” a familiar voice says behind me.

I turn and see James, “Hi.”

“Is that all you can manage?” He asked me.

“You should be happy I even noticed you,” I said and I turn away. James then sits on the other side of me.

“Why do you always act so mean towards me?” He asked. For one, you are a stupid jerk who can’t keep his lips off another man’s girl. And lastly, because your attitude is totally negative and ungrateful.

“Maybe because that’s how you treat me,” I replied and I looked at Gina. “Anyways, I got money from my mom and I can buy a dress for the formal, wanna go?”

She studied me, “Will it make Jack like me like as a girlfriend?”

“It’s possible,” I replied and I smiled.

“I’m in,” she said and James laughs.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Girls who shop,” he said.

“Who said I was shopping at the local stores?”

“There is no Hollywood boutique anywhere nearby so good luck finding a big, nice, flowing dress,” he said. I’ll show you my flowing fist that will smack you upside the head.

“By the way, the article I wrote is in your email,” I said which changed the subject.

“I’ll check it out and your verbs, commas, and anything that has to do with spicing up your article, column, or paper as you call it,” he replied and his expression changed.

“What stare is that?” Gina asked James.

“It’s when I mean business,” he replied.

I rolled my eyes, “It’s his “I’m-a-Jerk” expression.”

James turned his attention back to me, “What is that supposed to mean Sammy?”

“That you are a jerk,” I said and I smiled.

“You’re funny,” he replied.

“So is your face,” I said without thinking. I am so doomed!!! Help me God!

“Funny, your face was glued to mine last week,” he said in his defense.

Gina looked at us, “You kissed James?”

“He kissed me! I would never kiss him! I have a boyfriend,” I said to her.

“Well that’s strange because I remember that you were kissing me back,” he replied to me. It was the sunlight and the way you saved my life from that crazy fan.

“If it wasn’t for the fan trying to kill me I would have never kissed back!”

“You have a fan trying to kill you?” Gina asked.

“A big one who will never leave me alone,” I replied.

“That’s creepy,” she said.

“Keep making up excuses, but I know you liked it.” James said and his eyes met mine. I let them hold mine for a while.

“I have a boyfriend who kisses ten times better than you ever will,” I retorted and he pulled me close to him.

Our faces were close, “Don’t force me to kiss you again.” He wouldn’t dare? I gulped. “Didn’t think so.”

“I’m going to head to first period,” I said and James got up.

“Me too,” he replied and we walked in silence.

I stopped him, “Why do we keep fighting?”

“I don’t know but it seems like we aren’t trying to be friends,” he said.

I looked at him, “Why do you care if I say my boyfriend is a better kisser?”

“Nothing,” he said and he walked on. I watched him and followed. When journalism class came about we were working just fine together. That’s what I don’t get. How could two people hate each other than be fine with each other one moment?

“Did you read the article I sent you?” I asked James.

“Yes,” he said and he looked at me.

“What did you think?”

“It was okay but it could have been better,” he said and he handed me a book.

“This book is going to help me do what?” I asked him.

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chapter 2


Selena Gomezas Sammy Jacova
Jamie Lynn Spearsas Gina

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