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Prank Phone Call = Love?

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Prank Phone Call = Love? Chapter 32








~Sky's P.O.V~




“Stupid wind,” Ave muttered as we walked towards a taxi. I didn’t tell her to stop whining just because I was on the inside. I hate Canada’s winter weather.


“I agree,” Dan said as he attempted to zip his jacket up higher. I frowned as I stuck my hands into my pockets. There was only one week left to spend with Dan and we wouldn’t have the freedom of going out in public. Only a week left before we had to return to being cautious.


“What are you thinking about?” Dan asked me after I got in beside him. I smiled at the fact that he knew when I was thinking.


“How it’s going to suck when the break is over,” I answered truthfully. He gave me a sad smile before wrapping his arms around me.


“Don’t worry too much about it.  Let’s just enjoy our time now,” he said as Luke told the Driver the address and main intersection.


When we arrived to my apartment, the boys helped us bring our things upstairs. They stayed for a bit to drink some coffee since we were all tired from the early flight, but went home so they could unpack their things and rest for a bit.


Although I was sad about school starting up again soon, I couldn’t help but be excited when I walked into my room.


The bright bedspread welcomed me as I jumped onto it. I looked around at how neatly all of my white furniture was laid out and just enjoyed the crème coloured walls along with the bright blue wallpaper wall behind my bed frame.


 After a good fifteen minutes I reluctantly got up and began unpacking. After I finished putting everything in the laundry basket and back into their drawers I decided to take a shower to wake myself up a bit.


As soon as I got out of the shower I smelt cookies baking. I inwardly smiled because they smelt like Pillsbury's chocolate chip cookies, and walked towards my bedroom door. Before I could make it out of my room my cellphone chimed from my nightstand.


Trevor: Hey, I just wanted to check if you arrived all right. Text me back and if not, I’ll see you on Friday ;)


I cringed at the memory of how possessive he got back at the bar. I really don’t want to go to that party, but it’ll look bad if I randomly decide against it.


Sighing I once again made my way out of my room, closing my door behind me, and walked to the living room.


“The cookies should be done in about five minutes,” Ave said smiling. Her hair was wet so I guess she decided to take a shower and bake before putting everything away.


“Do you think the boys are going to end up coming here today?” I asked her. Her eyes widened


“No way. They are not going to devour my- our cookies! We need to enjoy food now that we both have men in our lives that can eat all they want without gaining a pound,” Ave complained. I laughed at her for a bit.


“You know they work out, right?” I asked her. Ave slowly started to smile slyly.


“Oh I know. I am Luke's worko-” I covered her mouth before she could finish that sentence. Stupid mental images!


“We are never going to speak of that incident again!” I shouted like a crazy person. “I never said anything wrong,” Ave said dismissively, but I could tell she wanted to laugh.


“You were totally going to bring it up again. If you do make sure it’s here and not on a freaking plane! Dan is never going to let me live that down,” I complained, but was interrupted by the timer on the oven going off.


Ave and I completely froze and turned our heads towards each other before screaming “cookies!” and running towards the oven like a couple of barbarians who hadn’t eaten in days and just spotted a horse-sized chicken. 

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