Sent Away and Back Again

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Chapter 1

Anthony just got back from the navy,and found his anxious girlfriend,and their daughter.His daughter,Shay-lie,ran to him.He picked her up in a swift motion.Shay-lie,Anthony's daughter,is only 1,and 1/2.Anthony's girlfriend,Annabella,cried,and ran to him.He felt something wet fall down his face.It was painful seeing her cry,and he had been hurt in many different places after being in the war fighting for 9 months.

Imagine yourself being 23,and having a 21 year old girlfriend with a daughter for almost a year,but being sent away,and missing your daughter's first birthday.Anthony had to suffer through the pain added on to his injuries from fighting.

While he was at war some news out caster shoved a microphone in his face and asked him,"Why are you serving for our military,Sir?" His only response was,"For my family and the freedom for others not just me because other do it for really weird reasons.".Again the woman asked,"Who would you say are your hero's?" "My girlfriend Annabella,my parents and sister,and my daughter,Shay-lie", Anthony sobbed after missing them.He missed his girlfriend's voice.The lady moved away from him without another word and went to talk to other soldiers.

Anthony grabbed Annabella into a hug as she sobbed into his shirt.She was so happy he was home and as a usual boy answer he just missed her.She wrapped her arms around her man's neck and placed her head against Anthony's chest.They kissed on the lips and he accidentally bit her lip in a playful way.She did it the same way back to him.

Shay-lie started getting impatient from Anthony's arms.Annabella and Anthony walked away hand in hand with Shay-lie."Come on,Let's go.I need a good,decent shower,anyway.Ugh this clothing is so ugly and smells like my dad's smelly socks after he get's off work",Anthony complained impatiently.

After lots of hours of driving,Anthony climbed into the shower and was out in 10 minutes exactly.It felt nice in the shower after 9 months sweating in the same suit day and night and crawling in dirt.The cold water on his heated body felt amazing.

He pulled on jeans,a shirt,and a jacket over his warm body.Anthony jumped and fell on the bed being very careful not to crush the precious girl beside him.She rolled onto her side at his movement and locked her arms around her man's very small waist.

Annabella held Anthony's hand in hers that wasn't still around his waist.He put his other hand on her soft cheek.She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek multiple times.

Annabella looked up at Anthony with her big brown eyes he never missed seeing and smiled.He did the same in response to her outrageous sparkling million dollar smile.She asked "Want to watch a movie?"Anthony squeezed her hand and smiled,"Not right now.Snuggling and cuddling with you is even better than anything".She curled up beside his body and Anthony put his arms around Annabella.

Annabella was very happy.She lie down on his arm."Annabella your hurting my arm", Anthony groaned.She got off and Anthony tried to get the feeling back in his arm.She fell asleep then,so did he.

The next thing Anthony saw when he woke up was the rising sun.Anthony shook Annabella's shoulder politely."Mm mm",she yawned."Get up,Honey.It's 9:43 a.m",he stretched.She stretched too and Shay-lie cried for mommy and daddy.

Anthony got up still a bit tired.Anthony got her so Annabella could get ready for the awesome day that's coming.Anthony's mom came to take Shay-lie to her house because Annabella and Anthony wanted time alone.Annabella works as a doctor at Red Cross Hospital.

Annabella went out to talk to Anthony's mom.Anthony got ready as Annabella kissed Shay-lie goodbye.Anthony's mom went without another word and Annabella left to Anthony's red Ferrari parked in the front of the house.I He slipped money for the bills into the mailbox and left.