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I live with a vampire and his vampire servants [Book 2]


Authors Note: If this is your first time reading this story, than this is the second book. My first is on my profile. If it is not your first time, I kind of explained what Kiara looks like in this book. I hope you like it ^_^ Comment and Vote!

(This story is MY idea. If my date that I posted this is lower than yours and it's the same plot then I have proof that you copied it. Just wanted to make that clear!)


Chapter 1 - End of School

I put my hand on the railing forcing myself to get up. I was wet from head to toe. The rain hit the window as I tried to listen for something that was moving through the house. My long blonde hair was all tangled.

"Hey, Jordan . . . are you here?" I asked with my voice a little shaky.

I listened for a reply. Nothing.

"Nile? Nick? . . . . Autumn?"

I heard a deep breathing behind me. I turned around slowly. His teeth showed and the blood dripped down like it was just fresh. The look on his face would never be forgotten. The evil that was in him. The desire of things he wants to do. How did he ever become something like that? That sweet boy that I always knew is now a monster right before my eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~



I sat in the school office. It's the last day of school and I got in trouble. For what? Well, I guess I am a 'victim' of the bomb threats that have been going on at school. I mean come on I have a good record, I never get in trouble, I've never gotten suspended. If that's not proof enough I don't know what is. It's the last day, who would want to do a bomb threat today? It's been going on for about two months now. If these kids keep it up then they'll extend school for another month because we've missed so much of school.

"I assure you, Kiara did not do it." Jordan said to the principal.

"I'm sorry but I can't let her go until I get a parent or guardian here." The principal said.

Jordan looked at me.

We both know that I don't have a parent or guardian. Well Jordan is my guardian but they don't know that. I've been living with Jordan and Nile and the other vampires for about 10 months now. No one knows their vampires except for me. That's their big secret. That their vampires. 10 months ago I was almost killed because I knew about it. But Jordan worked it out with the head vampires so I could live. I'm thankful for that. All the vampires are very friendly to me. I have no troubles at all. Except Dominic is kind of unsure of me still. Same with Drake, Dominic's brother. I haven't had a problem with either of them since September. That's a good thing.

"He'll be here in a moment." Jordan said.

A moment. Who is he planning on calling? Nick and Autumn are in Georgia at their new house. I've called them a couple of times but there is no way they'll be able to come down here for this. The door opened and I turned around.

"Sorry I am late."


"This better be important for you dragging me out of work."

"Are you her guardian?" The principal asked.

"I am." Richard said coming over by Jordan. "What is this all about?"

"We have some concerns that Miss. Hatake has been working with the people who have been dong the bomb threats lately."

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I live with a vampire and his vampire servants [Book 2]

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