Paradise Falls


Paradise Falls~~

For a moment I stand on the high cliff and let the cool breeze run through my dark hair. Below me, a stream cuts though perfect green grass and the cloudless sky bore no signs of rain or storm. I pushed the fact that this was a dream out of my mind. Here, The Order didn't exist, I didn't have to run and hide to survive. Suddenly, a loud crack of thunder exploded behind me. I turned quickly just in time to see a dark figure emerge from the rocks behind me. I couldn't move, it was as if I was rooted to the edge of the cliff. In a quick movement, the strange figure's shadowy hands snaked out and shoved me. Before I even had time to register what had happened, I was falling, plummeting towards the ground below.

My eyes open in an instant and I inhale a deep breath. I am no longer on the cliff, but I am lying on the air mattress in the sorry-looking living room of the old house. This isn't the first time I have had that dream, but I always wake up nervous and scared that the same figure would come and knock down the door. I take a moment to finally calm down and take in the surrounding scents. The always present scent of mold and dust mixed with the sweeter smell of fresh brewed coffee. This home was only temporary, of course. We would probably have to leave again and find another place to live if The Order got too close. Still slightly jumpy from my dream, I change into a plain T-shirt and jeans with a black jacket then I jog through the hallway towards the kitchen. Collen is sitting at the wooden table with a newspaper and a blue mug of coffe that was still steaming.  Collen isn't my dad, he's about 27 with black hair and tan skin but he's also a Werewolf like me. Collen was a good friend of my parent's, before they died my father made him promise he would take care of me if they were ever to leave. I never knew them of course, they died when I was three.

"What are you doing with that?" I ask as I nod towards the opened newspaper in his hand. Collen isn't one that pays attention to local news, 'humans aren't the most reliable source' was what he always said. I tilt my head in order to catch a glimpse of the black and white headline reading 'Ten more disappearances follow the death of local citizen. 'Collen shrugs and waits until he had finished reading the article to look up and answer my question.

"Well you never know, they haven't been very careful lately" he replies. I don't answer and he doesn't say any more. Of course, I know who he is talking about when he says 'they.'

I might as well explain; I am 14 years old, nearly 15. My name is Silver, at least that's the name I have stuck with over the years of changing names in order to stay hidden. Yes I'm a werewolf but there is much more than that, a power to be exact. My kind, were called Star Wolves because of the color in our eyes. There are only 7 in existence, currently hiding and fighting for survival. When our emotions kick in, we almost go into an unstoppable state of power. Our eyes turn to whatever color we are and we have no self control over what we do. I hate it.  The Order, at least that's what they call themselves, is an international group of werewolves, vampires and even humans. They believe they are "restoring balance" to the world by killing the Stars. But once one Star dies, another one is born. It's an endless job but they seem to enjoy it.

"I'm going out" I say, witch catches Collen off guard. He puts the folded newspaper down and frowns thoughtfully. I had to give it a shot, we had been stuck in this house for almost a week due to the rain and I needed a bit of time to think on my own. Collen sighed and looked at me with a sigh,

"You know I can't let you do that" he says, though his green eyes do not portray a sign of resentment. If I played my cards the right way, I would be able to go. Collen and I were both equally stubborn, but after a long staring and frowning match, I won him over.

"I'm going to call every few minutes, if you don't pick up then I know something is wrong" he says firmly as he tosses me a cell phone. I stared at the sleek, midnight blue case for a moment but wasted time no longer. Quickly I grabbed a pair of hiking boots that had once been Collen's and headed out the door. Our house stands in a field along the crest of several hills, the nearest house is closer to the small town that is a few miles away. Dense forests cover the back acres of the land and I gleefully jogged towards the trees. Turning slowly I glanced back towards the house. It's tan, wooden foundation needed another coat of paint and the roof had several noticeable patches of tar dotting it's surface. Though the house was as good a shelter as the forest was. Smiling to myself, I turned on my heels and jogged into the shadows of the forest.

Woo my first story here ^^ If you have any feedback or any type of comments please add them, I can always use some helpful tips. I hope to have an update every week, if not then every two weeks depending on the length.

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