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 *****A few weeks later*****

We walked out of the airport, luggage in hand. The air was cold, biting at my uncovered ankles. Wind was blowing through my hair, making it rather difficult to see exactly where we were going, but I could pick out a large van sitting on the curb. Next to the van was a tall man with dark skin and sideburns. He looked mean.

"Hey boys! Ready to start rehearsals?" The man's low voice sounded, reminding me of the giants that you see in movies.

"Not until morning! We're exhausted." Harry returned sleepily, swaying from side to side. His eyes were half closed, no doubt getting back at him for not sleeping on the plane. Deciding to spend his time playing Mario Kart on Nintendo DS with Niall was probably not the best choice in this instance.

The tall man chuckled. "Fair enough, I'll drive you to your hotel."

We finally arrived at the van and Louis took my luggage, throwing it into the back. I turned to get into the van when the man finally noticed me.

"Well." He began, looking to Louis with questioning eyes. "Who's this lovely lady?"

Louis stood beside me, wrapping his arm around my waist and grinning. "This is Megan."

The man raised an eyebrow, turning his gaze back to me. "So you're Megan. The boys have told me about you." He reached out his hand. "I'm Sam."

I shook his hand, giving him a polite smile. "Nice to meet you." I said.

The boys talked about me? I really hoped they said good things, stuff like 'she's really nice' or 'she's fit' would even be fine. I can't imagine if they said bad things about me, that would be horrid.

I really hoped it was Louis who talked about me.

Sam leaned back again, clasping his hands over his belly as if he were Santa Claus. "Now get on in, we have a long week ahead of us." He commanded. 

I nodded, stepping up and getting into the van. There were two rows of seats, each with three seats available to sit in. Zayn, Niall and Harry were sitting in the back, and Liam was sitting in the next row. Louis, being the oldest, got to sit in the front next to Sam.

I took the seat next to Liam, closing the door and then leaning my head against the glass. I could feel my eyes getting heavy, the little bit of sleep that I got on the plane obviously not being enough. 

"We're here!" Louis' loud shout awoke me, confusing me a bit. But when I saw Liam next to me I knew where we were.

I opened the door, hopping out walking around to the back of the van to where we would get our luggage.

Sam was already there, holding out my suitcase for me. I took it from him, giving him a gracious smile. 

Once all the boys had their luggage we stood in a circle. Sam clasped his hands together. "Alright! Sleeping arrangements." He began. He looked at each of us. "Liam and Niall. Harry and Zayn."

He turned his gaze to Louis and I. "Would you two be alright with sharing a room?"

Louis nodded, waving his hand in the no problems gesture. "We've done it before." He admitted.

I blushed, remembering back to the days that Louis and I would sleep in the same room, even the same bed. We were so close back then and nothing was awkward, we could do everything together.

I miss those days.

"Alright, it's settled. Up to your rooms!" Sam commanded, giving each of us a key that I assumed he had previously bought. He then pointed to the door and we began walking.

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