Bullied [ Roc Royal ] [ EDITING & ON HOLD ]


Name: Melissa Raymond.


Birthday: May 24

Friends: Shanay Rose, Jessica Bole, and Sarah Veldi

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Singer/Rapper: Nicki Minaj

Race: Haitian, African, French, and 2% Columbian.

Life: I'm different you can say in a bad way to other people. Ummm. I have color changing eyes. When i'm happy they are brown when i'm sad they're blue/ grey. Yeah They're grey most of the time The only happiness in my life is god, my family friends and music. I'm bullied everyday by Roc Royal, Princeton , Ray Ray and Prodigy. Yea everyonr thinks they're super sweet guys 's who care for everyone. It's true! When they're not with or around me. They hate me. I don't know why though.

I have a nice shape. I wear size C 38 bra and butt is well just a little smaller than Nicki Minaj's. Yea it's true. My mom IS Nicki Minaj but she's always on tour but she said she would take a little break to spend time with me. She doesn't want me to tell anyone so I just keep it to myself. Only me and my friends know that. NO.ONE.ELSE.



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Chresanto Augustas Roc Royal
Youas Mellisa Raymond
Craig Crippenas Prodigy
Ray Q'uan Smithas Ray Ray
Jacob Perezas Princeton

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