All I Want From You Is "I Love You".


So this is gunna be a collection of love poems that I write when im bored xD Haha so this one is called All I Want From You. One thing you should know, if I write a poem and I think it sucks, I will spend HOURS trying to make it rhyme that way it looks a little better to me.


Despite all the pain i feel;

these feelings for you are real.

I can't deny the butterflies

in my stomach when i look into your eyes.

i am being so naive,

I just refuse to believe

that the truth is far from what you claim.

In your mind, it's all a game.

Even though I am torn apart,

you will continue to break my heart.

Wether on purpose or not,

you've hurt me a lot.

I do believe that you care about me;

and for my heart you hold the key.

Promise that you'll always stay near?

I just can't live without you here...

I really want to be more than friends;

Still, I don't want to be broken again.

I know; I'm acting like a selfish brat.

I guess what i'm wanting to say is that

All I want from you

is to hear you say that you love me too.

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All I Want From You Is

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