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A Male's Eye View (Watty Awards 2012)

Dedicated to

 I would like  to dedicate dis story to Reekles, coz it was 'The Kissing Booth' that i read first on wattpad. :)

Mr. Heywood patted my back and looked at me expectantly. I looked at him where his eyes held compassion; I managed to give him a small smile. We went ahead and climbed into our cab that was waiting for us and fell back into comfortable silence.

There was nothing much left to really talk about. I felt my eyes get heavy from all the exertion and just as I was about to drift into a dreamless sleep, I heard Mr. Heywood whisper, “Lord will help you my child. He surely will”, then felt him placing his fingers lightly on my cheek.

 I could feel soft whimpering from him but was too self-absorbed to care.

I woke up to someone softly shaking my shoulder.

I opened my eyes only to meet by equally sleepy eyes of Mr. Heywood. “We have to take the flight dear”, he said solemnly. Nodding, I searched for the bag that I was carrying.

 I looked for it in the car because the last time I saw it, it was on the seat separating me from Mr. Heywood.

Suddenly Mr. Heywood’s hand appeared in front of me and I saw the straps of my bag securely clutched in between his fingers. 

He softly said, “Come on dear, I got your entire luggage with me all you have to do is to just follow me.”

 I nodded and followed him without questioning him. We passed the airport security terminal, cleared security checking and simply followed Mr. Heywood like a lost puppy. Well on second thoughts a puppy would be aware of its surroundings where as I was only moving behind him.

 We waited for our plane in the waiting area for around an hour. I sat on a random chair and tried to get some rest when Mr. Heywood seemed to notice my tiredness and bought me some chips and diet coke to eat.

 “Here take it, it looks like you could eat some,” Mr. Heywood said politely.

  I mumbled my thanks to him and held the packet in my hand.

 I took it but didn’t eat it right away because it wasn’t food that I needed at that time but something else, something that I wasn’t going to get back in my life ever again and should learn to live life without it.

  A single tear escaped my eye and I didn’t even bother to wipe it away, all I did was lean back on the uncomfortable airport chairs and wait for my flight.

 After almost forty five minutes there was an announcement asking for all the fliers of American Airlines to gather at the terminal for departure.

 We made our way or rather Mr. Heywood caught my hand and I followed him blindly to our business class seats. The necessary instructions were given by the air hostess and the flight took off.

 I felt the familiar nausea built through my stomach and I quickly reached for the paper bag to empty my contents into it. Seeing my condition Mr. Heywood scurried towards me and started comforting me by moving his hands on my back in a circle.

 I should have probably got myself prepared for this because flights always got the worst out of me. But this time I thought it would be worth the risk thinking that the last time I ate proper food was two days ago.

 I remembered the last time I was in flight, when I was in all my glee and happiness oozing out of me. Sure I did throw up that time as well but it was different.

 More tears started leaking out of my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it from flowing. Mr. Heywood hugged me like I was a small kid who just needs to be comforted because she was told that Santa Clause did not exist.

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Chapter - One


Patrick Dempseyas Mr. Heywood
Sarah Hylandas Keighlyn James
David Henrieas Luca
Angus T. Jonesas Jesse

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