Rejection: A She-Wolf's Alpha...


Today is my 18th birthday,and I couldn't wait to celebrate it.I was going to find him.the man that will free me from all of this.My name is Rose,but I'm more prettier than one.I have blue eyes,black hair,perky lips,anything a man would want.I was self centered,since my family never did love me..I built myself to perfection just so my mate could love me..

Attending highschool with a bunch of glares and drools,all the sluts rise there skirt higher,while the jocks drool longer.They couldn't wait to see my mate,they prayed that it was them.I was smart well educated woman,I could take on nerds with a I.Q near 200,I could out run the jocks to 5 and nothing.I was so happy today was the day.I couldn't wait who my mate would be.

Train of thought came crashing down with a warm chest,and the sweet rhythms of a beating heart,I raise my eyes to see our respectful alpha looking down at me.My heart melted like butter on a hot pan,my eyes stared at the man.My mate...He glared at me,those eyes filled with such hate..Why?

I'm no whore,when I still carry my V-card proudly,I'm no cheater when all the boys cheat me,I'm not liar when the spirits believe me.But the alpha thinks otherwise.

Class after class,his lucious milk chocolate hair,caramel eyes,sweet pink lips,firm jaw,high cheek bones,toned muscles,seductive voice,what was I? I was ugly to him? I deserved an answer to my high respected alpha,he would listen to his mate,and forever love me...

I stand my head up tall and speed walked to him,tapping him lightly on the shoulder,making butterflies that I thought were dead flew in.My stomach felt hallow as his eyes stared threw mine,"Were mates,Alpha." I said softly,and I wished I wasn't some tool of his.My wolf died for his touch,his breath,and his sweet sweet lips.But he glared and laugh so viciously,a human would have thought he was possessed,"Me? Mates with you!? Ha! You are mistaken,young she wolf..I have a girlfriend.So either get away from my prescence,or get exiled."He said.

My wolf.She was so dead inside,she whined and whimpered and took the words right off my mouth,"Your rejecting me? For that slut? I'm your mate,do you even care for me?" The words felt like a mother saying she wishes you weren't born,your children that want you dead,and now the love of your life that says he doesn't love you.

His face held a smirk,why did he smile? He hurt more and more after our talk that lasted a while,every step felt like corpses were grabbed my feet,it was painfully walking in pure defeat.

At lunch,his whore cuddled into him,her tacky platinum hair,and her face covered in ink! I was a natural beauty,I was kind and sweet,she was cruel like Satan that lives beneath our feet.She was a cruel sick woman,and I was damn right pissed.While my mate kisses her in front me and he shows pure bliss. I sighed heavily wishing it will just end,why spirits what have I done to deserve such a terrible end.

I walked away and cried in the janitor's closet,all the happiness flew in an imaginary plane and departed.I was alone now,my wolf couldn't stope whimpering.He wanted our alpha,for the taking.I felt a bare of strong arms,and lighting shocking threw me,pulling me up,and basically carrying me.I saw my Alpha stare into my soul,"Why did you leave?" He said cruelly,I didn't want to be exiled for no good reason,"I'm sorry my Alpha,it pains me to see you with another woman." I felt more tears prick my eyes and I put my head down," What is your name she wolf?" He said cruelly,"Rose."He chuckled lightly,"You are as hideous as Poison Ivy."He laughed even harder.

My heart was like glass and broke ot a million pieces,I was ugly to him.No one could possibly love me.I ran out the room hearing my name be called,I ran in to the forest feeling already at calm.I grabbed the silver knife,and I have been planning to die.I thought if my mate loved me,I would be happy and stay alive.Suicide is such a terrible thing to do,but if I was a joke to him,then the joke is on you. I grabbed it tightly and placed it on my chest.I saw my Alpha run to me,"Please Rose,don't do it." He said softly,he came closer and I threw the knife at him,he catched it,"Kill me my Alpha. Since I am so ugly and stupid to even believe you were my mate,strike me right in the heart,and erase the memory of my name from your thought,please sir.I don't want to like in a world where the target is me,kill the one is lying."He saw my place a hand over my heart.I shaked violently when he creep up in front of me,"No..I will not kill you-"

I inturuppted,"You accept me?" I said hopefully,his face looked guilty and he placed his huge hand on his neck,"Well... I have a girlfriend,she will make a great Luna.I don't know about you."He had the knife tilted and this was my chance,I ran to him feeling the burning sensation near my chest,"Rose! What did you!?" He yelled completely shocked,I took the knife out and fell to the floor,"You twist me like a toy,but now I can't twist anymore.My eyes felt so light like feathers,and my eyes went to the back of my mind,while everything was black and the pain was gone...

I love you my Alpha,I loved you so much.

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