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My Angel Be Damned


Selene finally got the break she needed, Yorgan would be in town this evening for a meeting. If they could follow him tonight and finally connect him with the drug money, they would be able to put him away for a long time. They would be staking out on an old bridge outside of the Bronx. She would be inside the empty control room, while her partner would be at one end of the bridge. There were plenty of other officers and snipers ready close by.

As darkness fell around them, Selene adjusted her position near the door. It was a cold night and she could see puffs of her breath as she exhaled. Yorgan should be hear any minute now and they had to be ready to call in their backup as soon as everyone got there and evidence of either money or drugs were seen. She heard a soft flapping nearby but the bridge looked clear. Selene moved closer to the door and looked around but didn't see anything out of place. Maybe some large bird close by.

"Selene, we've got movement down there," Jones, one of the teams snipers said into her ear piece.

She looked out again and saw a shadowed figure walking towards her direction. Maybe it was one of the goons who would be at the meeting. She watched him make his way to the center of the bridge and walk to the side across from her position. It was to dark to make out who he was, but he wore a long dark coat and he had long hair. The yellow light from the few lamp posts didn't help any either. Keeping an eye on the guy, Selene edged out from her position and moved to one side of the control room.

She signalled to the sniper to stand down and wait. She turned back to the guy, he was starting to climb over the rail. What was he doing, she didn't know if she should stop him or wait in case he was just bluffing. He stepped over the rail and looked down. She couldn't stay hidden anymore and ran out to stop him.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Patrol cars pulled up into the scene and dive teams were heard from uptop of the bridge. Its been more than ten hours since the guy jumped from the bridge but still no body was found. Selene rubbed her temples and stiffled a yawn. She was exhausted, being up for more then thirty-six hours already. It was supposed to be another stakeout, nothing more, to follow a lead on her main case. She had been following Nicholas Yorgan, a known drug dealer and mob boss, for years now. They hadn't been able to pin anything on him yet, he was very cautious. Unfortunately now it was of no use since she had to break her cover for some idiotic guy who decided to jump in the middle of her stakeout.

Rico, her partner, walked over to her with coffee. It was eight in the morning and they both didn't even have a chance to go home yet.

"How you holding up?"

"Fine, any news?"

"No. We probably won't find a body until the river resides in a few days." He took a drink from his cup and looked at her from the corner of his cup. "The chief is pissed you blew your cover."

"I know. I should've just let the guy jump on his own, no help was needed on my account."

"What I don't get is where the hell he came from. By the time I heard you he was already on the ledge."

"Yeah, I was wondering how the hell he got past you."

"I'll find out soon enough, I had this placed wired two days ago so hopefully we'll get something on tape. I don't think we'll ever know who the guy was though."

Selene nodded in agreement, she took a sip of her coffee and looked around the scene. Cop cars and vans were everywhere, only one lane was open to the public for the time being. Everyone was packing up or clearing out now. This case would be turned over to one of the local cops and probably just be closed as a suicide when the body was found and I.D.ed. She turned back to Rico and saw the strain on his face, they both needed some rest.

Rico had been her partner for four years now. He was a good looking guy; 6'4, short dark hair, dark brown eyes, and nicely built. He could be an arrogant s.o.b. sometimes but you could always count on him. While there was nothing serious between them, they were sort of friends with benefits. Most of the time it was just a way to release some tension from work, on both their sides.

"How about we call it a day and get some rest." She said getting in the passenger side of their car.

Rico drove to her house and parked the car. On occasions like these, he would just sleep at her house. She got out and opened the door. Throwing her keys on the side table and heading upstairs to her room. She heard the door close and Rico's heavy steps as he walked up behind her. Stripping down to her panties, she flopped down on the bed, to tired to put on her usual large tee shirt. Rico tossed his shirt aside before undoing his belt and dropping his pants. He laid down besides her and fell asleep.

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