Chapter One

I call my friend for what seems like the billionth time.

“Come on….come on…ANWSER!” I say into the phone as it rings.  A robot like voice comes on and tells me to leave a message.

“WHERE ARE YOU? ONE DIRECTION'S ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW MANY MILES AWAY AND YOUR NOT ANWSERING YOUR PHONE? GAH! Oh and this is Lea. Bye.” I say/scream.  I hit the off button and throw my cell on the couch.  My mom walks into the living room and raises an eyebrow at me before walking out the door, probably on her way to work.  I sit down on the couch and glare at my phone, then sigh and turn on the TV.

-Two Hours Later-

The sound of someone pounding on the door awakes me from my peaceful sleep.  I groggily make my way towards the door and open it. 

“Omg, Lea, you so won’t believe this. I am like the epicest person in the world. So okay I totally-wait. Should I tell you? No, it should be a surprise. Come on!” My best friend chatters. She grabs my arm and drags my out of my apartment and down a flight of stairs.

“Where are we going, Emily! I just wanna go back to sleep!” I groan as I stumble along behind her and out the door of my apartment building. 

“EEE! Just be quiet, I don’t want to scare them! EEEE!” she says and giggles.

“Them? Who? Emily have you been drinking?” I say as I follow her to a white cleaning company van.  She sequels again and pulls the sliding door open.  She motions for me to come and look inside.  Six pair of eyes stares back at me.  Five of them belonging to my favorite people in the world: Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn.  The other to some random chick who is stroking Liam’s hair lovingly.

“What. Did. You. Do.” I say, not believing my eyes.  My eyes have never lied to me before, why did they decide to start now?

“I BORROWED ONE DIRECTION! Isn’t it great? Well it wasn’t just me! My friend, Helen helped. EEE! WERE ALL GOING TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT TIME, aren’t we Niall?” she says really fast and slides into the van to pinch Niall’s cheek.  One Direction stares at me, willing me to help them.

“Um, Emily…Helen…, I don’t think this is right. I mean how is it far-“ I say, trying to reason with them in till I’m cut off by police sirens.

“THE POPO!” the Helen girl screams. “Grab her and let’s hit it!” she says as she jumps into the driver’s seat.

“I’m sorry your making me do this.” Emily says as she grabs me, throws me into the back and slams the door shut.  The van lurches forward and I scream. Something sticky covers my mouth and is wrapped around my wrists.  I try to scream but whatever’s on my mouth stops me. We take a sharp turn and I’m thrown against someone.  Oh my god, IM BEING KIDNAPPED!, I think as a try to sit up right. 

Emily laughs like a hyena and the Helen girl joins in as we speed away from the police. Oh my god, I’m being kidnapped. With One Direction.


So, Hi.

I decided to upload this because:

1. I love One Direction

2. Ive been reading One Direction Fanfics and the 'oh i randomly meet One Direction and fall in love!' thing needs a change up.

So whacha think?

Oh and yes i use white vans in my stories a lot. :))

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