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Blue flames (Blue Exorcist fan fiction)(VERY slow updates)


Author's note:

Sorry about the short chapter. I accidentally hit the save and publish button, oops :D. I'll make it up by making this chapter a little longer. Again, sorry for the screw up.



I walked into the monastery and was amazed. It was really big and grand, at least for a small one that is.

"Wow, Rin! It's so beautiful!" I said, looking around to get a good look at the place.

"Umm, thanks. Here, let me take you to the dinning hall." he said, grabbing my hand. I blushed and looked away.

"Uhhh... O-ok." I whispered as he lead me to the dinning hall. The place seemed really quiet, like a ghost town or something like that.

"Umm... Is there anyone else here, Rin?" I asked.

"No, I asked them to give us the place to ourselves for about four hours."

FOUR HOURS?! What are we gonna do for four hours?!

"What are we going to do after we eat?" I asked calmly.

"How about we watch a movie?" he asked.

"Ok, that would be great." I said.

"Ok then. What kind of movies do you like?"

"Umm...I'll watch anything really. You pick, ok?"

"Ok." he said, giving me a smile. I blushed a bright red and looked away.

We reached the dinning hall and I gasped. There was a small table set up for two, with candles glowing softly in the middle of the table.

"Rin... it's so... beautiful....." I said with amazement.

"Haha, really? Thanks. Sit here." he said, pulling out a seat. I sat down and he pushed me in, like a gentlemen. He walked into another room, leaving me to my thoughts.

"Wow, this is really nice and it a date, a real one between a couple." I thought. I hear his footsteps walk back in and I turned my head to see him carrying a bunch of plates and silverware. I stood up and said, "Here, let me help you."

"No no no! I'm fine r-" he said before tripping over something. He fell to the ground with a big crash, dropping everything he was carrying.

"Rin! Are you ok?" I asked, jumping out of my seat. He sat there, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Owww, that hurt...." he said.

"Here, let me help you." I said, picking up the silverware. He began to pick up the plates and when he got them all, he stood up and put them on the table. I handed him the silverware and sat back down.

"Thanks, Taya." he said, smiling.

"Y-you're welcome." I said, blushing again.

He set up the table and sat across from me.

"The food will be ready in a few minutes."


"So, what other hobbies do you have?" he asked.

"Well...I like to draw..." I said, looking at the plate in front of me.

"Really? Are you good?" he asked, excitedly.

"Ummm, yeah. Why?"

"I'll tell you later, after we eat." he said, standing up. "I'll be right back."

"Oook." I said, watching him leave the room. I wonder what he wants me to do. He probably wants me to draw him an anime character or something. Most of my requests ate like that anyway.

He came back out, with two trays in his hands. The smell that came from them were overwhelming.

"Oh my gosh! Rin, that smells amazing!" I said, with my mouth beginning to water.

"Haha, thanks. It's just sukiyaki with pork and chicken and fried rice." he said. He set the dished down on the table and said, "Go ahead and serve yourself." I did and when I took my first bite, an explosion of flavors fell over my taste buds.

"Wow! Rin, this tastes delicious!!" I said, with a mouth full of food.

"Haha, thanks. I'm glad you like it." he said, taking his first bite. We had small conversations while we ate. When we finished, he showed me to the sitting room. It was a small room, with two couches and a T.V sat across from it. He took me to the couch and sat down.

"Oh shoot! The movie! I'll be right back!" he said, jumping off the couch and running off somewhere. I laughed and sat down on the couch.

"I wonder what kind of movie we are going to watch?" I thought. He came back, with a movie and a binder in his hand.

"What's the binder for?" I asked.

"You'll see after the movie." he said, with a smile. I sighed as he put in the movie and sat next to me. I began to blush again, it felt weird sitting so close to him. He started the movie, which was a horror one. It was called Insidious, which I have never even heard of. Right from the beginning, I was terrified. I jumped in my seat, gasped and screamed at least once. About half way though the movie, I had hid my face behind my hands, after seeing a demon pop out of nowhere. I felt something touch my left shoulder and I flinched. I take a peek to see what it is and I saw a hand, resting on my shoulder. I pulls hands away and see that Rin had wrapped his arm around me. I blushed super red and looked at the floor.

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