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I Am Only Sixteen, After All (Unedited Version - COMPLETED)


I am so comfortable. The area is peaceful, and my body is numb, in a nice way. My mind is clear and as I just lay here, I am at peace with the world. But then, the silence is interrupted.

'...yeah she is 23 weeks...' Who was that? I look around, but my eyes won't open. '...She tripped and caught her ankle, landing on her arm and side...'

That voice sounds familiar. Who is it? I move my hands over my stomach, and feel the bump. Oh yes, that's right, I am pregnant. Liam. The name suddenly floods my brain. That's it. Liam was talking. But, to who? And more importantly, why?

The beeps come into my range of hearing, and I hear a thud, thud, thud. 'Great, everything's fine there. I think she has broken her arm though, so let's manipulate it back to how it should be.'

Manipulate? Wait, isn't that where doctors force the bones to join back together? That sounds painful... I pity whoever needs the manipulating doing. 'Okay, now let's look at that ankle.' I try to open my eyes, but nothing happens.

'I think she will need an X-Ray, for both. But she needs to be awake for one.'

'Umm, why isn't she waking?'

Probably the painkillers. I will wake her now.' As I force my eyes open, this time succeeding, the room comes into focus. Liam is stood next to my bed, my parents, Mel and Mike there beside him. 'Hello, Emilea. I'm nurse Tiers. You fell over, but you're in good hands. You need an X-Ray.' I frown. For what?

 I look up at Liam.

'We think you have broken your left arm and ankle. We need to check to make sure.' The nurse explains.

I continue looking at Liam. 'The baby?' I ask.

'She's OK.' He says kissing me on the forehead before I am whisked away for the X-Ray.

The machine is dragged over my pre-positioned ankle. 'Stay still please.' The nurse says as I twitch. I am trying, but dude, I am pregnant. '3-2-1 done.' The nurse comes back in to position my arm, I wince, as I am definitely not numb anymore. 'Sorry.' The nurse apologises, before she goes back behind the window and moves the machine so that it is above my arm. '3-2-1 done.'

I am wheeled back to my cubicle where my family is waiting for me. 'How are you?' My mum smiles.

 'OK thanks. What time is it?' I ask.

 'Just gone quarter past nine.' Mel smiles.

 'Sorry I've ruined our last night...' I mutter guiltily.

 'Shut up, Emilea. You haven't ruined our last night, I mean, we found out the gender after all.' My father winks.

 'It's all my fault.' I look up at Liam, a tear rolling down his face, his skin exceptionally pale.

 'What is?' I ask, confused.

 'If I hadn't have took you outside...' He trails off.

 'Don't be silly.' I whisper, cupping his hands with my right. 'If I hadn't been childish.'

 The door opens and nurse Tier comes back in. 'We have your X-Ray results back.' I nod. She puts them up against this light box that is attached to the wall. 'This is your arm, and you can see here, that the bone is broken. The bones have lined up neatly so it shouldn't take long to heal. And on here is your ankle, which I am sure you will be glad to hear is not broken, but has a partial sprain.' I sigh in relief. 'We will need to plaster your arm though.'

_ _ _ _ _

 An hour later, with a final check from nurse Tier, I am discharged. Bed rest for a week, we don't want to strain my ankle as there will be extra weight with me being pregnant. Painkillers when I need them. No school. I have a broken left arm, a sprained left ankle, bruising on my left side, but other than that I am OK. It could have been worse, much worse. Liam carries me bridal style to the cars. Apparently, Mel and my mum had bought everyone non-alcoholic drinks, not just mine, which is lucky.

I have a plastered arm and I have to wear a sling for the first week. It is starting to get on my nerves already and it has only been forty-five minutes. It gets in the way all the time. The hospital has given me a wheelchair to use if I need to get out bed, but it is folded up and in the boot. They have also given me some crutches, the left one has a special aid on it to rest my arm on, which I find clever, but I have strict instructions to only use the crutches when the pain has reduced and my arm is a bit stronger, so in maybe two to three weeks.

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