The butt naked GOD


hey so i am co- wirting this book with dayenis_01 hope you guys like it

The water circled around my body pulling me down to its icy depts. I stayed under water tell I got a burning feeling in my lungs from the lack of oxygen when I broke the surface the icy air hit my face as the wind picked up I decided to go on a run and let my wolf stretch her legs. I got out of the water and dried off with my towel I put all my stuff in my bag and walked into the forest I sat my bag down by a tree I looked around to make sure no one was around before I stripped out of my bikini I put it in my bag and shifted into my brown wolf I was all brown with the a white patch on my chest I had crystal blue eyes. Once I shifted I took off running I let my wolf take control as I ran I headed for the creek to get something to drink when I was tackeled to the grounded I shake the were off and stood up I cant believe that I hadn’t noticed other werewolfs around in front of my was the alpha and part of his pack mates there were 6 around me the alpha was all black with black eyes then there where 3 different brown ones a red one and a white on I started to growl at then the alpha stepped forward and snapped his jaws at me and growled he wanted me to summit to him but being a rouge had its advantages to it when he saw I wasn’t backing down he nodded to the others I dodged the first 2 and hit the 3ed one but missed the 2 that went for my hind legs they had bite into my legs and the white one bite into my side I started to see black spots before I passed out of blood lose

When I started to wake up I felt like someone had ran over my body with a semi truck and set it on fire that’s how much pain I was in but I felt like I was laying down on a bed a really soft bed to I opened my eyes to see a black ceiling I looked around the room I was in it was all black with silk sheets that where your guessed it black black book shelfs black desk black rugs on the hard wood floor black laptop god who ever room this is needs to find another color then black to decirate but it was a nice room there where three doors to one to the hall and a bathroom and a closet I think hopefull its not a tourcher room I thought to myself I was sitting up looking around when one of the doors opened I looked up and saw 6 boys come into the room the one in front was the alpha I could tell by the way he held himself

The guys stopped at the foot of the bed and stared at me

“who are you and why are you on my territory” I alpha growled

“my names allie Ardizzone and I didn’t know this land was taken last time I checked it wasn’t owned by another pack but that was 3 years ago when I was in my pack” I said

“Ardizzone are you related to dan Ardizzone” the guy next to the alpha asked me

“yah im his daughter” I said nonchalantly

“but they said you died” another guy said

“across that fucker would say I was dead” I said “I didn’t like the way he ran the pack and he kicked me out” I told them

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