Falling in Love Again


Hey this is my first romance story and I hope you like this chapter is dedicated to my BFF Shortstack because if it wasn't for her this story wouldn't be online, it would be locked away in a dusty part of my head. Anyway read, vote and comment!


Have you ever been in love? Did you ever experience that light, butterflies in your stomach feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever you see that special someone? I did and I loved it, but it was all ripped away from me, leaving me in a world full of pain and betrayal..

Chapter 1

It was a normal Saturday and I was in a very good mood. Why you ask? Because I had the most perfect boy friend who loved me and would do anything for me. I kept thinking how lucky I was, right up to Nick, my boyfriend's bedroom door.

Not bothering to knock I flung open the door, only to be greeted by the sight of Nick and another girl apparently having a mock-fight...in bed...naked. It didn't take a genius to figure out what they were doing. I couldn't believe it, that sonovabitch was cheating on me. I cleared my throat. They both froze and turned to look at me. If I wasn't so mad his face would have been priceless. Then I saw the girl lying beneath him and bile rose to my mouth. It was Lara. Lara, my best friend who knew more than anyone how much I loved him, was the one sleeping with my boyfriend.

'I can explain' Nick said hurreidly

'Explain? Oh please do. Explain to me how you, my boyfriend, and her, my best friend are apparently in a middle of a very intimate discussion.'

'Its not what it looks like.'

'Don't Nick, just don't. You and I both know that this is exactly what it looks like. So why don't you and her just keep at it and I'll leave to give you more privacy.'

I was out of the room, down the stairs and away from the house in record time. Barely making it to my room I broke down crying. I couldn't believe it, how could they do this to me? Especially Lara. I had known her for years and I always thought I could trust he. Apparently I was wrong.

 A knock on my door jolted me from my thoughts and my mother's comforting voice drifted out to me.

'Lexi dear, are you alright? Did something happen?'

I sobbed louder. She came in and sat down putting her arms around me.

'Now child, stop this crying and tell me what is happening? Who did this to you?'

'N-Nick cheated on m-me' I sobbed, ' W-with Lara'

'Oh my dear Lord. I would have never expected this of him, he seemed like such a nice boy and that girl. Has she no morals? No values? No loyalty? I should turn her into a cow. I mean we have the powers, why not use them, to hell with the rules!

My mother was on a rant, getting more and more heated by the second. I laughed and my mother stopped in mid-sentence, looking at me like I was crazy.

'What part of what I just said do you find even remotely funny?' she said in a haughty voice, 'I can assure you I meant every word.'

I smiled and said,

'I know you did and I know you only want the best for me, but I right now I think its best if I'm alone. I need some time to think and move on.

'Well ok dear but you do know it's not the end of the world right? I mean you won't do anything...life-threatening right?'

Comprehension dawned and I yelled, 

'Mom! Of course not! Like I'm ever going to hang myself over that douche-bag!!'

She looked relieved and went out of the room. I flopped down on the bed and looking at the ceiling I thought about my life. I was a seventeen-year-old witch whose boyfriend of two years cheated on me with my best friend. Could my life get any worse?

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Michelle Trachtenbergas Alexis
Zach Roerigas Nick
Sasha Pieterseas Lara
Drew Fulleras Zac
Devon Werkheiseras Dominic

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