Interview With The Best :)

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The Interview I've been waiting for , FINALLY UP :)

And Now , Ladies And Gentlemen, 

HowBoysThink Interview :)

I Was About to kill waiting for that interview -_-

Hope you enjoy :)





1) How did you discover Wattpad ?

Just random googling... I knew this site existed quite a while back maybe in like 2008.

2) How did you get the idea of talking about all your pranks and questions ?

We always prank called people so I thought it would be fun to post it up! With the interviews, what happened was that normally whenever we were free for the day we would tape our conversations and listen to each other saying random words. Then I got the idea of doing interviews and posting it on Wattpad, that's when I made the HowBoysThink account!

3) Who would you consider the smart one between the 5 of you ?

I would think it's a toss up between Brandon and I. Roger is more geeky haha.

4) What is one embarrassing moment for each of you boys ?

Well I have had way too many to divulge here! ( Boo ! Lame Excuse. I Will Talk It Out Of Him And Put At least One For each ! Evil Laugh)

5))Who is interactive with fans other than you ?

I'm the only one in our group that talks to the people that fan us, although recently Brandon wanted to be admin of our Facebook page so sometimes he interacts with 'em.


 6) Name your fave books here on wattpad (3).

I like horrors and science fiction books normally, I read a few on Wattpad a while back that I liked but I forgot the names

7) how does it feel to be so popular (or noticed) on wattpad?

Haha, it's weird! I find it awesome that people wait for updates. But I think I have the coolest fans because most of them fan us for laughs and I always get messages saying "Are you a nunugirl?" and "get off your fat a$$ and update Bi*ch!" which is funny =] ( He Forgot My Ninja Skills , And The Blades I was About to Use -_-)

8)what is your favorite thing other than pranking people?

Making people smile

9) Is there anyone on wattpad you became close friends with ?

Yeah, quite a few!

10) what do you prefer? Votes. Comments. Or reads in your books ?

I like reading the comments but I don't have a set preference!

11) Any message to fans ?



Well thats the interview hope you liked it :)

the ones in bold are me and my comments :P

That was One long Wait -_-

but its up and I Can't Complain. I Lurv The BOYS <3

They're Awesome <3

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