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The Journey

Walk with me on a perilous journey,

Fighting great odds

Killing enemies we never knew existed,

Holding the power of magic.

With the spells of the Living,

The curses of the Dead,

Carrying shields of Iron cast,

And Swords of Silver,

Our blades as sharp as moonlight,

Shields as hard as rocks.

Walk beside me as we journey

Onward and forth to a land of unknown wonders,

A land with the White Castle,

Where evil has risen,

Where Innocence has shattered,

Where weapons speak with a mind of their own,

And Magical creatures riddle you for your life.

Where the stars shine in ways mystical,

And the wind whispers of deaths unspeakable.

Journey with me and

As the dawn nears,

The night ends with all its fears,

Malice dies in the early light,

All doubts disperse like laden clouds,

All evil hides from the cleansing light,

Let’s stop for today and rest for the day,

For tonight we continue our journey,

Through this perilous land,

Where one day we shall reach,

The place where all evil rests,

And fight it unto Death. 

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