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Royal Love Bites (hold until June)

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Ok guys, chapter 4. Just a heads up that this is short 'cause its a filler and the next chapter might be short as well. Sorry. Well, enjoy!

 Dedicated to Shoot Star :)


Chapter Four

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.

My eyes followed the droplets of water which sluggishly rained down from the ceiling. As soon as the plop noise bounced off the floor, my gaze would instinctively flit upwards to watch the next drop which was preparing to plummet to the stone earth. Growing weary of the repeated patterns of raindrops, I leant my back gently against the rigged stone wall. I tilted my body slightly so that it faced the metal poles on the opposite side of the tightly enclosed room. Sending silent prayers towards heaven for the meager sunlight which streamed through the bars, I closed my eyes while savouring the sunlight which brought warmth throughout my body.

Not moments after, my body relaxed against the stone and I fell to a peaceful sleep.


A low rumble echoed through the dungeon causing me to snap awake. Hopping to my feet in a flurry, my head snapped madly around the room searching for the source of the noise. An emotionless smile curled upwards on my face as the rumble returned. I chuckled dryly. It had been my stomach. Clenching my fists, I bitterly sat back down on the floor. The light which once scattered through the room had now disappeared. A brief glance outwards told me that night had come.

A familiar rumble passed through my stomach as it knotted painfully. Clutching a hand to my empty stomach, I leaned my head against the rough wall. They could have at least brought me food, I mused sourly. Stretching my feet out, I sat as still as a statue in the dungeon. Only the conventional sounds of water contacting with the ground remained. At least not everything had abandoned me I concluded attempting to be optimistic.

As the sounds of the water slowly died off, I punched the wall with the side of my fist, all thoughts of optimism long gone. Caressing my knuckles as blood began to flow from small cuts, I began to curse. I cursed at the wall; I cursed at Mr. Pigerton, cursed at those darned imperial guards, cursed at Xavier, and lastly, I cursed at the King and Queen. None of this would have happened if they hadn’t have birthed that demon that they so easily call a child. With my hand resting gently in my calloused palms, I swore on my life that I would make them suffer for all the pain they had put me through.

Suddenly, the door of the jail swung open. Instinctively, my eyes squinted at the unexpected change of light. Not soon after my eyes had adjusted to the unfamiliar lighting, I felt myself being hauled up. My eyes widened when I realized that it was the imperial guards holding my arms in a vice grip. Somehow, my voice managed to croak out a short question.

“Where are we going?”

As we ascended the aged staircase, one guard managed to grunt out a quick reply. My body froze in fear as the seven words he had mumbled tore through my body.

“You are going to meet the royals.”


A crimson velvet carpet lined with gold covered the centre of the stone floor. Simply from looking, I could decipher that the carpet hadn’t been cheap. Peeling my gaze away from the expensive rug on the floor, I allowed my vision to wander to the walls which encompassed me. Small wooden ledges were mounted up, mid-level, on the stony walls. Resting atop of the ledges were strange orbs which omitted a luminous light.

They could use some of those in the basement, I thought sourly to myself.

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