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In Between Two Alphas


Chapter 38


Times had evolved.

Everything was different from how it had been centuries ago. But just because the world modernized, it didn’t mean that my principles as a Legen should have been different.

Legens were once protectors of humans, guardians of kingdoms. Life was sacred to me. It wasn’t simply something that I thought or that I wanted. It was something that I felt, that ran deep. But nobody understood that. Zev and Layton didn’t. I doubted any Wolf would ever understand how I felt about life.

My parents became the center of my thoughts for a while. They would never understand either. They were different. They were human.

My dad loved me. He got excited every time a new gift kicked in. But it was for the wrong reasons.

I had become what I was because of my mom, from her side of my family. She had heard the stories and the rumors. She had the books, and a lot of information about Legens. But even for her, it had all been one big story full of myths, until I came along.

I was born a Legen. I was the only Legen I knew of, and that changed things for me. Because in the end, no matter how much anyone tried, they would never fully understand me and what I was.


Liam didn’t need to die. It was wrong. I felt lonelier because I was the only one who thought he deserved to live.

The tears in my eyes blurred my vision, and made it harder to keep flying. I had been high up, high enough to make me invisible in human eyes.

As soon as I set foot on the ground, I could smell the scents around me. I had learned to recognize and divide the scents from both packs. I was standing in the area that separated Blue Bloods and New Elite, but there were still scents from both packs.

I could feel Wolves around the area, but all of them were a distance away from me. I didn’t doubt that Layton and Zev were out trying to find me. I continued walking through the woods, stepping away from the trees just before I crashed into them.

I had never felt so low in my life, and yet I didn’t know who to be angry at. The loneliness was starting to turn into a deep emptiness, and I knew I didn’t want to feel whatever followed after that.

“You’re here.”

I thought I was imagining those words, so I continued walking. My thoughts were too blurred, and my mind was in another place. I barely had any consciousness to realize where I was, or if anyone else had joined me.

That was the main reason I missed her. Hanna had been calling my name, but I was completely blocking her from my mind. I was blocking everybody.

When I finally turned around to face her, I just had a second to step away. She has charged towards me with enough speed to knock me down.  

“What are you doing here?” She growled at me.

“Huh?” I mumbled out, breathlessly.

I was thrown off by the fact that she really was there, and I hadn’t imagined her.

Hanna was in such bad shape. Her hair was sticking up all over the place, messily. She was only wearing a long t-shirt that reached her mid-thigh, leaving her scratched and bloodied legs exposed. The shirt she was wearing belonged to Zev. I had seen it on him some time ago.

“Did you come looking for me?” Hanna asked.

Her eyes were blood red. I could easily tell she’d been crying. There were cuts and bruises all over her body, which looked recent.

“You’re hurt,” I told her, taking a step closer.

“Don’t touch me!” She snapped, letting out a string of curse words in between growls.

“I’m just trying to help you.”

“After everything you did to me?” She cried.

I was surprised when she broke down sobbing in front of me. I wasn’t expecting that. I looked around the area, wishing for someone to appear and help me handle the situation.

Seeing Hanna there, in a heap on the floor, tore at my heart. If only she knew how much I wanted to slump myself on the ground, and cry along with her.

“I didn’t…”

“This is all your fault! Zev left me because of you. He loves you, and he blamed me for what Liam did to you!” Hanna said in broken words, while she continued to cry.

“Liam is dead,” I mumbled, the words still feeling strange in my mouth.

“He’s… dead?” Hanna slowly asked. She seemed surprised with the news. If only for a moment, she sobered up, and looked at me with dark, haunted eyes.

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Daveigh Chaseas Cassidy
Danny Schwarz as Layton
Drew Van Ackeras Zeverus
Jeremy Sumpter as Jared
Jamie Campbell Boweras Tyler
Adam Brody as Nate
Garret Hedlundas Micah
Penn Badgleyas Jonas
Paul Wesleyas Liam
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