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The Scarlet Soul


Chapter 1- the prophecy begins

            Tick. Tick. Tick.

The clock to my right echoed in the silence of my history class room. I was supposed to be doing my work silently like all the other students, but I just couldn’t focus of the past of the Ottomans when in just seconds the bell would ring and I would be heading to my best friend, Ally’s, house. It took a while for my mom to let me go but in the end I was able to, this weekend was going to be special. I felt kind of bad when she agreed, she wanted me to stay for family night but I don’t think I could last through it.

          Not that my families bad, in fact, I love them all and couldn’t have better.

          My parents weren’t divorced and I didn’t have to share a room because I have two brothers. I got almost anything I wanted being the only girl, not to mention I was the youngest. Although sometimes I wandered if I was even their child, I looked nothing like any of them. My mom had straight black hair, I had blond curly locks. My dad had blue eyes as compared to my vibrant green. Every time I asked if I was adopted they would shake their heads ‘no’. I’m not complaining when I have a family that loves me though.  

          The last bell rang, taking me out of the daze of thinking about my family and signaled us students to go home. I grabbed my notebooks and stuffed them into my drawstring backpack. As I walked out of my sixth period Biology honors class I caught a glimpse of my Ally. Pushing around the crowded hallway I made my way toward her.

“Hey Harmony, are you still coming over tonight?” Ally asked noticing me heading her way. If my mom wasn’t going to call me in the next few seconds I was going to. Sometimes she would do that, say yes reluctantly and then turn around and say no right before I do something.

          We had planned my staying the night two weeks ago and I wasn’t going to let mom stop me this time; this is the weekend that Trey is throwing his party.

          “Yeah, I’ll ride home with you too, if that’s okay.” A yelp escaped my mouth and I spun around to see who had grabbed my waist. When I turned I came face to face with Kyle, Ally’s boyfriend. The short and stalky boy was the only thing that could keep Ally’s wild temper in check when she let it loose. I playfully hit his shoulder, “Don’t do that. You scared me half to death!”

          He smiled at me and planted a kiss on Ally’s lips before any of the teachers could see. We’re not allowed to kiss in school; we’re not even allowed to hug! Come on, what is wrong with a hug?

It doesn’t really matter to me anyways, I don’t have a boyfriend. Not that I don’t want one or can’t get one, just right now is not such a good time. My break up with Troy three months ago left me feeling completely down. We had been together for more than two years and when I found him cheating on me I broke it off.

No boyfriend for a while, at least until I pick myself back up.

          “So girls, are you still coming to the party tomorrow?”  Kyle wrapped his hand in Ally’s and we made our way to the front of the school were the parking spaces were. The halls were almost clear now besides a few students and the preppy cheerleading squad that was having a meeting after school.

“Of course babe, why wouldn’t we be going? Everyone says it’s going to be the biggest party of the year. We can’t miss it,” Ally sounded almost agitated.

Not again!

Every time Ally gets agitated with a boy or doesn’t like something they do, it’s only a matter of time before he ends up on the list of guys she dated and trashed. 

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Anna Sophia Robbas Harmony
Alexander Ludwigas Derek
Genevieve Buechneras Katherine
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