I lost my virginity to my teacher!!!


I'm in the back seat while my mom is driving me to school. It's my first day of high school and I'm so excited. I plan on making new friends and no enemies, last year I had so many people who were jealous of me I'm glad I didn't let that go to my head or I would have committed suicide just like the girl from 'bullied'. I plan on starting in my new school Arts Academy fresh. I cant wait to start I figure your wondering who would ever want to go to school well this isn't any kind of school its Arts Academy when I grow up I want to become an actor and this is the only school in Vermont Town that will allow me to fulfill my dreams and become wealthy very very wealthy and I can buy this town and be very rich everyone will want to be my friends an I will never have enemies ever again. "Stop day dreaming honey and go to school" ok mom I don't feel like walking are you going to be here after school to pick me up" I asked anxiously hoping my mother would say yes. "Sorry honey but I'm going on a date a five and I'm going to have to be ready by four so I can go to the mystery man's  

Home so I guess that's a no sweetie" I rolled my eyes at my parents and slam the door shut before my mom can react to my behavior it seems as if every day she goes on a date and she's never really home she leaves my unsupervised alone at home with money under my pillow. Many children would be happy for this 'privilege' but I hate it we never had a mother daughter moment and if I could possibly get one moment with me and her alone it would make me very happy.  

I walk into school forcing a smile on my face I knew that first impressions count and that's the exact reason why I am wearing a red high heels and strapless red shirt and a white miniskirt. I admit I need the scholarship and I will do anything to get it, even it's because I'm such a great student or simply because I'm so hot. I walked into my math class as confident as ever I'm walking with a pep in my step and a beautiful white smile that can make anyone love me no matter if it's a 30 year old man or a 16 year old boy. I went to take a seat in the front of the classroom and I pulled down my shirt just a little I needed to show little if I was actually going to please the Language Arts teacher Mr. Sanchez. I thought his class was going to creative isn't that what language is about he gave the class a written assignment and collected it at the end of his class the bell rang and it was on to my next class I was going to math with Mrs. VanderWoodson as my teacher I was going to pull my shirt up and be very 'good' in her class because no female teacher likes a slut as a student she hates them while I was heading for the door I was the only one in their with the teacher. I was right in front of the door but Mr. Sanchez stood in front of it at first I thought I was in trouble so I started begging for forgiveness but he said "Why are you apologizing to me you didn't do anything wrong" Oh was all I could say I looked so pathetic excuse me I wouldn't want to be late for my next class. 

"It's ok I will write you a pass I just wanted to compliment you on your writing I want to come to your house and speak to your parents about how exceptional your writing is" he said with a smirk on his face 'Ok my address is 45 Lexington............now can I go now?' I asked "sure I'll catch later.  

I ran out the class trying to not be late for my teacher. Unfortunately I was late but luckily she was absent on the first day of school ! So we read a couple of pages and went to lunch after lunch I had to go try-out for the play that was going to go in the school. 

After school I walked home my mom wasn't home and Mr. Sanchez would come to speak to her I made such a big mistake. DING DANG DONG DING DANG DONG I opened the door and I saw Mr. Sanchez I quickly confessed " my mother isn't here she left and I don't think she'll be her for the rest of the day'' 'It's ok darling I came to see you truthfully and now' I interrupted him you came to see me ? Yes, yes I did.

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