Stranded on Jules Island

Dedicated to
Pete Lundrigan

Here are the characters


Name: Marissa (make up the last name)
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: Blonde
Personality: Quiet, thoguthful, gets along with mostly anyone
Looks: average build, braces, and dresses VERY casually. Like jeans and t-shirts
Scars: none

(Created by MMullins16)

Name: Michelle
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Personality: Strongwilled,Brave, Clever, A Leader
Looks: Dark skin,skinny
Scars: none

(Created by playful52)

Name: Sapphire Green
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: A light blond, gold color
Personality: She is a sweet, carefree girl looking for adventure. But she never expected to get stranded, and now she has no idea what to do or how to get off the island.. D:
Looks: Average height, hopelessly skinny and very light skin, almost pale.
Scars: One on her wrist from a bike accident a few years ago, that never really went away…

(Created by Music4Ever22)

Name: Sky Gold
Eyes: Sky blue
Hair: golden blond
Personality: energetic with some smarts
Looks: medium weight, light skin tone, average height, plaid skirt with black tights under, and a blue shirt
Scars: none

(created by skygold)


Name: Joshua (Josh-U-Ah)
Eyes: Electric blue
Hair: So dark brown, that it looks almost black
Personality: He’s a little mean, and likes to make fun of everyone. He demands peers call him Josh, and he’s pretty much a bully..But when he gets on the island, things get tough for him, when he refuses to help… (Just some ideas)
Looks: He’s a little taller than average, maybe 5’7, but he’s not a giant either. He has very olive skin, almost black as well. (Trying not to be racist here. xD )
Scars: He has many all over his body from fights, including one over his eyebrow, almost on it from a huge fight that included a black eye. He doesn’t like to talk about it though, any anyone who tries to bring it up will get bullied…

(Created by Music4Ever22) (HE HAS BIG ROLE)

name: Renneth
eyes: bright green
hair: kind of sandy brown, a dark shade though
personality: he likes music, always singing songs by bands no one has heard of (genre= indie rock hence my profile name. 100 Monkeys) he’s nice and very helpful.
Looks: jeans and t-shirts, square toed boots, he’s not like a tooth pick but he’s not built or fat, he’s like in the middle of built and thin, he’s flat stomached. ???
scars: he has no scars he’s too pretty

(Created by 100Monkeys Junkie) (HE DOESN'T HAVE AS BIG A ROLE)

Name: Skylar Gold
Eyes: sky blue eyes
Hair: golden blond hair
Personality: very smart with some good looks
Looks: medium weight, light skin tone, average height is a identical twin to Sky Gold, wears swim trunks with open toed sandal and a stiped water polo shirt on
Scars: none

(Created by skygold)

Name: Brent Pemberton
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown and about 5 inches long
Personality: Funny, invades personal space, likes naughty jokes, always wears a purple hoodie, random, rich
looks: Eyes usually half closed [from boredom], doesn’t have abbs
No scars, but there’s a birthmark on him arm and it looks like a freckle but it’s not.

(Created by LizzyBear16) (HITS ON A GIRL DECENT ROLE)

Name: Lucas
Eyes: Sparkling Green eyes that girls get lost in.
Hair: Bieberific Hair the Bieber Hairdo LOl
Personality: Lots of girls love him, athletic, and a player
Looks: a purple and white stripped polo and khakis.
Scars: His face is his fortune but once when he was seven he got into a fight with another kid from his school (Maybe Joshua) and got punched in the skull right on eye giving him scar from the ring the bully was wearing

(Created by KnightFanatic) (DON'T KNOW THE ROLE YET)

Name: Marco
Eyes: Sparkling green and ocean blue
Hair: White
Personality: Protective, Leader
Looks: super short 4’9, albino, and has the eye mutation where both eyes are different color.
Scar: One down sparkling green eye giving it glassy look

(Created by Me CrazyCoconuts :) )

Name: Shean(can be pronounced like Shawn or Sheen)
Eyes: Brownish/Black
Hair: light brown
Personality: smart, atheltic(likes baseball), vulnerable, very sweet and funny
Looks: muscular(but has a bit of a belly), likes to wear shorts most of the time and button up shirts with sleeves rolled up halfway. not too tall, about 5 ft 7.
Scars: has one on his right side from surgery years ago

(Created by MMullins16) (HE GOING TO HAVE AVERAGE ROLE)

Name: Sam Malia (Ma-li-a)
Eyes: Dark soil brown
Hair: Dark blond, almost brown
Personality: He is very sweet, and is also shy. Especially around girls. He was never really a ladies man, but is awesome once you get to know him. He also has humor on his side, because he can be funny when he wants to.
Looks: He’s actually pretty tall. He’s around 5’9, and is very skinny. His clothes hang on him, and they are usually hand-me-downs.
Scars: None. He’s not really a big, scruffy kind of guy.


Name: Micheal
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Yellow
Personality: Athletic, Smart, Shy, Courageous, Risk taker
Looks: skinny, pale
Scars: One on arm circle shaped

(Created by JulesVerne)

name: Blaine
eyes: gray-blue
hair: blonde
personality: he’s the tyoe that thinks he’s hot but he’s average. a few girls like him and he leads them on. ALOT! he’s sensitive and cries a bit if something big happens (like getting stranded on an siland, then Joshua could bully him for it just saying… do wat u want)
looks: designer everything, like Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and The Buckle.
scars: he’s a pretty boy remember? his face is his “fortune”

(Created by hrath)

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