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[Mother of who?!] (Watty Awards 2012)


Okay! New story! I should've really done a typical prologue like I should've TT^TT. Anyways, a quick runover of what's going to happen.

[You're a normal ninja in Konohagakure, and your life was nothing but perfect. You had achieved your goal of being jounin at age 15, you bought a new house, heck, you even learned to cook well!

So, what happens when a 2 year-old child comes bouncing in your life? He can't leave anywhere without a piece of you in his hand; he adores you to the point that he sleeps in the same bed; and he thinks you're his mother. Sound adorable? You don't even know the details. What could make this any worse?

Well, this child, used to be your sensei.]

UPDATE: Readers, I have decided to enter this story into the Watty Awards 2012 - since it is finished. I could seriously use all the votes, reads, and comments I can get. Thank you, readers!

A/N: The timeline of this is after Sasuke left, but right before Naruto leaves. Make sense? Also, Reader-chan in here is fifteen to sixteen years old.

FEEDBACK: ...I'unno?

WARNING: Err...fluff?

DISCLAIMER: I, LeTiffany, do not own the manga/anime Naruto or its characters. I only own the story plot and the Original Characters (OC) I create. All credits towards Naruto should go to Masashi Kishimoto.


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"Oh...oh my..."

Shizune gulped, as she stared at the bundle of clothes in Sakura's arms.


"I don't really know...we were on a mission, but we got separated, and by the time we came together, we found Kakashi-sensei in this state," the pinkette replied, and she unwrapped the fabric, to reveal a familiar silver-head.

Shizune covered her mouth in a gasp, and Tsunade raised an eye-brow.


Said ninja [Tiffany - Well, child now] craned his head around to stare at the blond woman with teary eyes, before sniffling.

The people in the room stared on, shocked. Feeling uncomfortable with his new found attention, the silverette quickly hid his face again, by burying his face into Sakura's shoulder.

This was exactly when you decided to barge in.

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The five people in the room turned their heads to lifted his head just so he could look above a shoulder.

"A-ah [Name]...this is not the best time to-"

"I don't care! I'm just going to give you the report for the mission," you reasoned, as you quickly walked up to Tsunade, before handing her a scroll. She instinctively reached out to take it, and quickly laid it on the table, only gaining a millisecond of attention.

"Now, [Name], that will be all. You are dismissed."

You nodded, before bowing. You turned to Sakura and Naruto and nodded in acknowledgement, not noticing the small figure that was eyeing and sniffing [1] you. You quickly walked out the door, not noticing the small sighs of relief that left your four comrades.

Sakura stiffened when Kakashi moved on her, so that his head was resting on her shoulder.

"Ne, Kakashi-sen- I mean...Kakashi? What's wrong?"

He sniffled again, before pointing a small finger towards your direction.


| [(*)] | Music: No Current Music For This Scene Effects: No Current Effects |

You took another sip of your coffee cup, before sighing with content. However, your little 'moment' was ruined when your door-bell started to ring irritably. You groaned, before heaving yourself on your feet, leaving your cup on the table and dragging yourself towards the door. You quickly opened it.

"May I help yoouuu...?" You trailed off, confused as to why Tsunade was outside your front door.

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