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One Direction Preferences



He opens the door and finds you standing there with tears in your eyes. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” he says pulling you inside and into his arms. You can’t talk because of the sobs running through your chest so he just holds onto you.  He rubs your back and says words of comfort even though he doesn’t know what’s wrong. “Hey, it’s alright, okay? It’s going to be alright.” You nod into his chest and eventually pull back to tell him. “My grandma Liam,” you say between hiccups, “She’s gone.” His eyes are sad as he looks at you and takes your face in his hands. “I’m sorry, (Y/N),” he whispers and kisses your forehead gently. You nod again and the tears continue to roll down your face but when he pulls you to his chest you resist. “No, I’m ruining your shirt.” “I don’t care. I prefer that than seeing you like this.” He pulls you again and this time you let him hold you glad for the comfort of his arms.


“Louis? Hey, would you mind if I stopped by?” you say on the phone with the best voice you can manage. “(Y/N)? Are you crying?” “I’ll explain later but please can I stop by?” “Yes, of course,” he says and you tell him you’ll be there in a few minutes. He’s already waiting at the door when you arrive and you see the concerned expression on his face. You walk right past him though and sink into his couch your face in your hands. You feel his arm around your shoulders and hear him whisper, “What’s wrong (Y/N)?” You shake your head saying, “I’m such an idiot for trusting him. I caught him with another girl.” You tell him referring to your boyfriend. “That bastard,” Louis says angrily getting up. “No, Lou. Where are you going?” “I’m going to teach him a lesson.” “No, please,” you say grabbing onto his arm. “Just stay.” He looks at your pleading eyes and gives in pulling you into his arms. As the tears escape your eyes you hear him whisper in your ear. “He’s the idiot.” And very slowly kisses your forehead.


“(Y/N)?” you heard a familiar voice call and you immediately rubbed your eyes in order to remove the tears there. You had been sitting in the back porch hopping no one would see you but unfortunately Niall had come in through the side door. He sat down beside you and asked. “You okay? Your eyes are red.” “Oh, yeah. It’ just stuff.” He patted your leg and lifted your face to him. “You can tell me you know?’ You sighed and looked at him tears on the rim of your eyes. “My parents have been talking about divorce,” you told him and the tears spilled over. He nodded not saying anything and you appreciated that. He pulled you close letting you rest against his chest. “You can talk to me about this babe. I’ve had experience with this.” You nodded grateful. “Thanks Niall, but I’d rather not talk.” “Okay,” he said and held you as you cried silently in his chest his hand rubbing your back.


You were at Harry’s house when your best friend had called you so he had gone to the kitchen to make you both something to eat while you talked but when he came back he found you in tears. “(Y/N)? What happened? Why are you crying?” he asked setting down the food on the bedside table and coming to your side. “She told me I was being a shit of a friend,” you said between sobs, “Can you believe that? Just because I’ve been spending more time with you than her.” “Maybe she’s right…”Harry said quietly with a frown. “What? No! She’s just being jealous that’s all. I don’t even know why I’m crying,” you say furiously rubbing at your eyes. “Hey, it’s okay,” he said taking your hands and brushing away a tear from your eyes with his thumb. “She’ll come around.” He smiled at you encouragingly and you nodded. “Okay,” you said taking a breath, “Now where’s the food.” He laughed and handed you the plate and you ate happily our thoughts of your friend forgotten for now.


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