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You Complete Me



A/N: This is a very taboo topic. My fans demanded it of me and I'm not one to refuse them. So I'll be writing this while I deal with writer's block on "The Prophecy." The idea just popped into my head and I was like, what the heck, why not ? Being a writer means stepping out of your comfort zone and being daring, and this story is me taking a huge step out of what's "normal" for me.

Hope you enjoy it.

Vote if you do. ;D





I paced around the room, getting angst. I glanced at my wristwatch and it was almost time. The others were going to be here soon and I didn’t want to miss any part of the game tonight.

“Tyler!” I hissed impatiently at the bathroom door. Charlie, Giovannie and Jane had dared him to wear a dress for Halloween. It was no news to the world that my twin was gay. I was fine with it; I didn’t actually care. I loved him the way he was. I thought maybe daring him to wear a dress was a little over the top; but Tyler had insisted that he was fine with it and said he’d even like to do it.

I rolled my eyes. It was so typical of him to agree to do something so outrageous. Tyler was the type of guy that loved girly things like lip gloss and eyeliner and the occasional high heels. He was just…out there.

“Tyler,” I growled, stressing the ‘r’ in his name.

“I’m coming!” he gasped through the door, “sheesh, hold your horses. These bloody tights aren’t easy to put on, you know?”

“Then chuck the tights and get on with it!”

“It’s going to be cold and I want my legs covered,” he hissed back, “you just be patient. I’ll be out in a minute.”

I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed, fiddling with the bed covers. I was dressed as the typical vampire. But not the stupid Edward Cullen and his gang type of vampire; that shit was just dumb and annoying. I was dressed as Dracula; black cape with red velvet on the inside, super pale skin thanks to mother’s white powder, dark make-up around my eyes, a waist coat and a pair of suit pants that hugged my hips and thighs and lastly some cheap fangs I got from the store downtown.

I heard a sigh from behind the bathroom door, “don’t you dare laugh at me.”

I rolled my eyes, “come out, Tye.”

Another deep breath and then the door opened.

My heart stopped beating for standing in front of me was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Tyler’s once straight red hair now hung to his neck in bouncy fiery curls. His face was shining a little; his lips gleaming with dark red gloss, eyes smoky with dark eye shadow making his light green eyes look more intense. The freckles on his cheeks had all but disappeared. The red strapless dress he wore clung seductively to his slender hips and thighs; stopping mid-thigh to expose the expanse of long, pale legs encased in white fish net stockings, small feet in red pumps.

He was blushing furiously when my heated gaze met his. My heart was thumping out of control and I could feel my hands shaking.

“Well?” he asked shyly, “how do I look?”

“It’s too much,” I hissed angrily, “you look like a fucking whore.”

He rolled his eyes at me and waved a slender hand at my face, “thank you. Now I know I look perfect,” he giggled and stepped out of the bathroom, walking quite steadily on those heels.

My heart was still beating out of control and my eyes helplessly dropped down to the curve of his ass gently defined by the silk of the dress. The dress was strapless so his slender shoulders were exposed, all that soft pale skin beckoning for attention…

Good God! Was he planning on seducing somebody? He looked like a fucking hooker!

“You can’t go out like that,” I hissed, “just…look at yourself!” All I could think about was Charlie; that guy was a huge pervert. If he laid his eyes on my brother…the thought alone made my hands clench into fists by my sides.

“I look fine,” he shrugged and brought out his phone when it began to ring. He checked the caller ID and giggled excitedly, “That’s them! I’m so excited! Let’s go.”

I followed my twin downstairs and went to say bye to my mother who fawned over Tyler for more than ten minutes; just telling him how wonderful he looked and it made me a little angry. What about me? It took almost five pounds to get the stupid irritating fangs in my mouth.

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