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The new, Improved and uncut Ruby's Island (complete)



I sat clutching Ruby to me, my heart heavy, my breathing coming out in small gasps. I couldn't lose her now, not after we had been through so much together. “It's not fair,” I cried looking out of the shelter door and up at the sky. “You can't take her away from me now. I ….......... I love her too much.” My throat ached with the rawness you only get from such a deep sorrow and I buried my head deep in her hair, breathing in the soft earthly feminine scent that I had grown so much to love. If Ruby died my life would be over. She was my heart, my sole, dammit, she was everything to me. Without her by my side I would lose the biggest part of me and my life would cease to exist.


“I need you Ruby........... and Kyle needs his Mummy, please don't leave us.”

I sucked in my breath sharply, trying to take in air, hardly anything filling my lungs. Was Ruby dying? Was she struggling to breath and I was feeling what she was now? I thought, my sorrow spiralling out of control at the thought of her fading away and leaving me forever.


I pulled away from her, brushing the hair away from her face, then kissed her softly on her lips. Her lips were warm, her breath hot on my face, a sob of relief escaping my lips as I realised that she must have only passed out.

If she was dying, then surely her lips would be cold and her breathing would be laboured? I thought hopefully.

I tried to clear the fogginess from my brain, I needed to think.

'Why had she been in so much pain, and why was she bleeding so much?'

Maybe it was the placenta coming away. That was it, the placenta had come away and caused all the bleeding and pain. “It's bound to hurt “ I said out loud trying to convince myself.

I picked up one of the wet cloths and began to wipe it softly across her brow, then down onto her cheeks and finally around her neck.


“We can't have you waking up dirty now can we?” I whispered softly, moving the cloth down onto her breasts and then down to her stomach, cleaning away the blood and other mess from the birth.

I was surprised to see how much her stomach had shrunk already, her baby bump only half the size of what it used to be.


Sighing I rinsed out the cloth in the bucket, then worked my way down Ruby's legs, my heart starting to beat faster as I realised that I would have to dispose of the placenta. I just hoped that my stomach was strong enough.

“There's no hoping about it,” I mumbled loudly “It will be.”

I got to the part I was dreading and picked up the placenta, dropping it in shock when I heard a cry. “Whoow Kyle,” I hissed “You just scared the crap out of your Dad,” I turned round smiling, the smile freezing where it was when my eyes rested on Kyle's still form. His eyes were closed and he was fast asleep. “What the heck?”


Suddenly all hell broke lose when the sound of screaming filled the air and I scurried back in shock, my heart pounding wildly behind my ribs.

I darted forwards, almost as fast as I had fallen back and moved the placenta out of the way.

“Oh my fucking god another baby.” I almost passed out with the shock.

No wonder Ruby had been in so much pain, she had still been in labour.


My hands reached forwards shakily and I picked up the baby, this one a little smaller than Kyle, my tears beginning to fall as I realised that this one was a little girl and she was very cold.

I worked quickly, tying the cord and cutting it, then wrapped our little girl up in cloths, clutching her tiny form against my chest to warm her, I said the words that her Mum would have said if she was awake. “Happy Birthday Athena,”


I lay Athena on Ruby's chest, and helped her latch on for a feed, tears of happiness still flooding down my cheeks.

“Damn, you are such a big baby,” I scolded myself as I cleaned the rest of Ruby up. I must admit I was a little nervous at what I would find down there, and I kept my fingers crossed hoping that there wasn't another baby. I had enough surprises I grinned, for one day.


I cleaned everything away, getting rid of the dirty rags and water, then washed out the bucket and refilled it. Fetching some clean cloths and extra leaves (which we would now need as there were now two babies) I took them into the shelter and made up a new bed to the side and away from the door. “Perfect,” I smiled. “not quite a crib, but it will do”

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