The School: Bad Boy Is A Daddy (SYTYCW)


Names and Places in this story are made up (well I hope they are anyways lmao). I didn't want to try and look about info on places I had never been too bare with me and my over active imagination lol...Oh and please let me know what you think so far!




You Know You Love Me

xoxo Miss Cris 


Celeste Taylor was your average school nerd. But, according to her friends she was the hottest nerd to ever grace the halls of Hilton Valley High in the middle of Hilton Valley, Arizona. She didn't try to stand out. Didn't try to be popular or really associate with those who were. She never strayed from her little circle of friends. They had grown up together and she felt a whole lot more comfortable around them than anyone else.

Celeste wasn't shy though she preferred to 'have her nose stuck in the books' as her friends called it. She didn't go out to parties every weekend like most people in her school. It wasn't really her scene and once in a blue moon her friends would talk her into going out to a party with them.

So, how can the school nerd going from being pretty much a fly on the wall to being put in the most awkward situation of her life. It started with a party and ended with a lap dance. She never thought her life would do a full 360. She never imagined that a single lap dance would change everything in her well planned out life.


Nathanial Anderson or Nate is Hilton Valley High's resident bad boy. He likes to party just as much as he likes to sleep around and causing some sort of trouble. After one little mishap a few years ago he learned his lesson when it came to sleeping with girls. Wrap it up or don't do it. He learned that the hard way after sleeping with and impregnating some random girl. He is now the 18 year old father of a little two year old who's mother is nowhere to be found.

You'd think that having a kid would change his bad boy ways. Well it hasn't; not one bit. Though now he doesn't sleep around as much as he once did. Doesn't mean he doesn't do it every once in a while. Once a player, always a player, right?

He never thought that going to a party and getting a lap dance would have him all wound up about a girl. A girl who's name he didn't even know; didn't even get a good look at. He goes to lengths that he's never gone before to find the mysterious girl that gave him one of the best lap dances he has ever received.


What will happen when these two entirely different people end up stuck together for the last three months of their high school career? Will love blossom or will it all fall apart before it starts? Only one way to find out. Follow Celeste and Nate through all their trial and tribulations, happiness and heart breaks, love and lies.


I am already working on the first chapter, but I just wanted to find out what you all thought of this so far...Like? Love? Hate? Let me know so I can figure out if I should continue with it...

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