Gardenia Samplers


Gardenia Samplers


Timekeepers’ regal lineage,

Delicately embellished

Porcelain women;


Nimble Mademoiselles

Laboriously daisy stitch

Elaborate samplers.


Filigree, organza,  linen,

Thin reeds around

Mauve gardenias;


Trailing inscriptions

Record history-

Nurtured love.

Selena Howard©February22,2012


A Smash Words Challenge Poem:The author is given a set of letters chosen at random by a moderatorTthe goal is to write a poem based on those letters in the exact order in which they are given.

My letters for this poem were; t-r-l-d-e-p-w-n-m-l-d-s-e-s-f-o-l-t-r-a-m-g-t-i-r-h-n-l

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