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Mates For Life. (werewolf), (BOYxBOY)


sorry for the long wait guys. it's been like.... over a month? shit!!!!
ANYWHO... THIS LONG chapter is dedicated to all my fans as an apology for acting like a...well... i think the word "asshole" fits...
thank you guys for sticking by this story and voting for it. it really helps me write more!


*hands you a rainbow lollipop*
go ahead...



                                                         CHAPTER  - 5






Beep beep. Beep beep.


I groaned as my mom pulled out the thermometer from my mouth and squinted at the tiny screen.

“poop! It’s a 103 degrees.” She squealed and I had to cover my ears. “Oh, my poor baby” she said, leaning down on my bed and smothered me with a thousand kisses. I purposely covered my lips as they were a “no-no” area for mom’s.

“Gosh. Mom. Stop.” I whined, gasping for air. As much as I appreciate all the love and attention I’m getting, I’d still like to breathe, thank you vey much!

She chuckled and sat up straight. “Sorry, Sammy. But, how did this happen?” she said picking up a wet cloth from a bowl and placing it on my forehead.
God, that felt good.

“I – I don’t know.” I stuttered and almost immediately, my eyes went towards my wrist which was now wrapped in a white bandage. If I had my way, I’d say all that shit was just a bad dream but looking at my hand sent cold shivers down my spine reminding me to not live in my fantasy. It was all real and I knew it.

Her eyes followed mine and she frowned when she saw the bandage.
“ Explain. Now.” She demanded raising an eyebrow at me and pointed towards my wrist.

Umm… so where to start?
Oh,yeah! I dreamed I was in the school alone. Got chased by some weird ass hands. Met Aaron.  Not Aaron. Got lifted by some psychotic bitch who’s out to hunt me and some god damn mate for god knows what reason. Gave me a freakin’ tattoo of “black wings” on my wrist, as if I weren’t gay enough!
Nothing new.
Just the usual!

 I scoffed. “Nothing I tripped on my own leg and fell down on some stones. It’s just a small cut. Nothing bad.” I lied through my teeth, smiling reassuringly at her.

Another cool thing about me: I can lie. And by lying I mean shit good, actor kinda lying. I can be really convincing once you get to know me. Hell! I could probably convince my mom that the world’s been attacked by aliens and that were going to die.
Exaggerate much?

 “Maybe, I should take a look. It might get infected” she said reaching out for my hand.
No. I couldn’t let her see that. She might freak about me getting a tattoo or some shit.

I quickly brought my hand towards my mouth and coughed really hard into it. I even faked sneezing just to be sure and then I reached out to her as well. As expected, she scrunched her nose in disgust and snapped her hand back.

“Maybe later.” She said quickly and gave me a small smile.

I suppressed a grin as laid back down on my bed.


“Do you need more soup?” she asked getting up from my bed and started picking up the bowl and thermometer and some dirty cloths from the floor.

I smiled. “No mom. I think three bowls are my limit.” I replied, smiling at her kindness.

Its amazing how she has time to make food, handle me and my problems, take care of my dad And be a business woman. I say SCREW batman and superman.

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