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BVBGirl622's Compendium of X-rated Frerard and Waycest Fanfictions

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            “Baby, I’m home!”  Gerard’s voice was very sultry as he walked into the bedroom that he and Frank shared.  Frank barely glanced up from his guitar when he paled, his cheeks turning red as he gulped.  Gerard was clutching a pink bag in his hand, smirking as he saw Frank’s expression.  “Hey- Oh god, what are you going to do?”  Frank asked a bit timidly, eyeing the Victoria’s Secret bag.  Gerard’s lascivious smile grew, his hazel eyes filling with a naughty glint.

            “You.”  He said breathily, disappearing into the bathroom.  Frank rolled onto his feet, placing his guitar in the corner.  He moved back to the bed and sat down, noticing that a knot was growing in his stomach.  Gerard emerged minutes later, wearing an extremely tight leather corset tied with a silky ribbon.  He was wearing a pair of silk panties, which hugged his pale arse nicely.  A lacey garter hugged his thigh, contrasting greatly with his skin.  Frank’s breath caught in his throat, his eyes flying over every inch of Gerard’s body, unsure of where to settle.

            “Like what you see?”  Gerard asked seductively, strutting over to Frank.  He rested his hands on Frank’s shoulders, leaning over slightly.  “Oh, god yes.”  Frank chocked out, tensing at the heat coming from his boyfriend’s palms.  Put Gerard in a costume, he becomes a different person.  And that excited Frank to no end.  Gerard’s bottom lip tucked under his teeth, his eyes full of lust that very rarely showed, despite the fact it always bubbled under the surface.

            “Then I’m all yours, baby.”  Gerard purred, his thin lips curling into a small, coy smile.  Frank licked his lips absentmindedly, thinking of what he could do.  “You could fuck me.  Keep the panties on like a desperate little slut.  Or, I could let you fuck my face, let you fuck my filthy little mouth.  You know I’m okay with anything.”  Gerard’s voice held a certain edge to it, making the knot in Frank’s stomach twist and turn, his member twitching at Gerard’s words.

            He pulled Gerard down, capturing his lips in a hungry kiss.  He heard Gerard chuckle, though it sounded almost like a low growl.  Frank pulled back, now straddling Gerard’s hips.  “Do you, ever shut up?”  He gasped, placing his hands on Gerard’s chest.  Gerard smirked, pulling at Frank’s shirt.  The guitarist tugged it off, throwing it unceremoniously on the floor.  His jeans were now uncomfortably tight, the knot in his stomach pulling tighter and tighter, and it only grew when he felt Gerard’s hips bucking and grinding underneath him.

            “Wow, you really are excited.”  Gerard giggled, grabbing Frank’s hips and pulling him down against his own.  Frank gasped, his teeth cutting against his lips as he fought a moan.  “Fuck you.”  He managed through clenched teeth, pulling Gerard’s hands off of him and pinning them above his head.  “You know I want you to.”  Gerard said, his voice a slight gasp as Frank’s teeth bit into the flesh of his shoulder.  Frank’s thoughts had turned to mush, the only comprehendible thought being “sex sex sex”.

            Frank sucked on the skin, grinning as Gerard mewled slightly.  He trailed down, pulling his lips off Gerard’s skin once he reached the corset.  He grabbed the silk ribbon between his teeth and pulled it, unlacing the leather.  He slid the corset over Gerard’s head, latching his lips onto Gerard’s pale skin as soon as the corset left his hands and landed on the floor.  He felt Gerard’s blunt nails scrape against his back, leaving long white scratches with small spots of red blood blossoming from them.  He nipped at Gerard’s nipple for  split second before pulling off of his skin.  “That got you to shut up.”  He chuckled darkly before capturing Gerard’s lips on a needy, passionate, rough, sloppy kiss.

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